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I went to start this post several times and kept distracting myself with other things.  I also have another post that I've been wanting to do talking about this amazing event I went to at the Skirball last week where the US Ambassador-at-large for Global Women's Issues was honored by Jewish World Watch.  I keep hesitating to make the posts though because I'm worried about whether I'll be coherent or interesting or...whatever. 

Maybe this is the downside to having so many smart, awesome friends.  My "witty repartee" never quite seems to measure up.

Anyhoo, as part of my whole resolution to be okay with failing, I'm forcing myself to make posts even when I don't think they're particularly eloquent.  While the Skirball event does deserve consideration and thought before putting it up, I thought I could at least share some squee. :)

Squee-the-first... New Nightwing and Supergirl issues come out tomorrow!  These are definitely my two favorite books of the DCnU at this point.  I really like how both of the stories are playing out.  While a few of the other titles have been a bit of a let down, I really do like the way these two have been handling the back-stories of the characters.

Squee-the-second...Downton Abbey Season 2 is airing on PBS now.  I've already seen the season, but it still makes me happy to watch again.  What makes me really happy is reading the live-tweets while it's airing.  Patton Oswalt is apparently a fan.  This is one of the shows I really need icons for.  I want many of Anna and Bates and of course the Dowager Countess. :)

Squee-the-third...REVENGE!!!  ZOMG  Still loving this show so much.  I'm endlessly impressed by the writer's ability to keep the mysteries and twists and turns from getting tedious.  Plus Emily (aka Amanda original recipe) is bad-ass and Nolan is AWESOME!

Squee-the-fourth...Suits will be airing starting today in the UK.  Even though I'm not in the UK, it makes me happy because I can squee with others about episodes!  I need lots of Donna icons for this show. :D

I haven't watched this week's Once Upon A Time or H50 yet, so I'll leave the squee there for the time being.

Feel free to squee along (or even share your own squee) and note that spoilers are possible in the comments. :D

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I keep allowing myself to get sucked into rage-inducing things both online and IRL lately.  I'm really trying to step away from the rage inducement and find more constructive (or at least more blood pressure friendly) things to do and think about.

So this is my happy place today...

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I'm re-reading my favorite individual comic book ever.  Batgirl #14 by Bryan Q. Miller.  This book is so completely full of awesome words can't contain it.

Batgirl and Supergirl have a girls day out and end up hunting down Draculas (as is bound to happen on a girls day out).  I will admit that this book does make me more than a bit sad for what we're missing in the DCnU, but it's so awesome that the happy definitely eclipses the sad.

I may have to bust out Uncanny X-Men #153 next. It's the one where Kitty reads Illyana a bedtime story and there are BAMFs!!! 

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Still loving "Revenge".  I may do a post at some point with my actual theories and stuff but right now, Madaline Stowe is AWESOME!!!  Loving her in this so freaking much!

In comics fannish stuff...I've read Nightwing #2 and Supergirl #2 so far this week.  Loved both of them.  Really loving the art on Nightwing and loving the stories of them both.  They hit the type of story and world building that I really enjoy.

I'll also be hitting Justice League #2, Wonder Woman #2 and a couple of others I still have to catch up on.
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TV Stuff:

So the new TV seasons are starting off quite well on the shows I watch.  H50 was fun (as long as I gloss over one part) and flirty.  "NCIS" and "NCIS:LA" were both solid openings for the season.

I have a few other shows to catch up on and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] xanthelj and others, it looks like I'll be giving "Suits" a try.  Yeah, cuz I really needed something else to watch and fangirl over.  *sigh*

Comics Stuff:

The new "Nightwing" came out this week.  Without getting too much into the spoilery stuff, it was a great relaunch for someone who is a Nightwing/Dick Grayson fan.  It was just enough info to intro a new reader, but it didn't feel like a re-hash.  Plus Dick looks great in the new costume. :)

"Wonder Woman" looks like it's going to be interesting given the intro.  I know that most folks are raving about it so far.  I enjoyed it, but I'm not quite at the OMGLUV stage yet.

I still have "Supergirl", "Green Lantern Corps" and "Batman" to read for this week.

I will definitely be skipping "Catwoman" and "Red Hood and the Outsiders".  Just hearing about them made me feel skeevy.

While I find the talking heads of DC more than a little problematic when it comes to their audience (especially those of us who are female), but I'm happy that there are at least a couple of good books coming out of this.  I have a hard time punishing the individual writers for their bosses being tools.  (Note: this is strictly my personal philosophy on this and not a judgement in any way on anyone else's reactions.)

Meme Stuff:

To help me get rolling on writing again, I thought I'd do a mini-meme so that I could rope y'all into helping. :)

Give me a character from one of the fandoms you've heard me ramble about or is in my interests list and I will tell you:

1) My personal canon for that character.

2) A summary of a fic I'd love to see about that character.

3) The storyline that I always wanted to see in canon with that character.

And for fun:

Give me 3 characters from any of my fandoms and I'll tell you who I'd Shag, Marry and Cliff

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So the DC Universe Relaunch has begun.  I've picked up a few of the books so far.  A couple from my local comic book shop and the rest I've done electronically on my iPad (which freakin' rocks!).  I won't go into in-depth reviews here yet because I'm trying to let the stories sink in and for some of the books, I want to wait until a couple of issues in.

I will say that while I think that Gail Simone is an amazing woman and amazing writer, "Batgirl" is going to be a really hard sell for me.  I spent most of the book wishing Steph was around. :(

The surprises so far for me have been Action Comics (which introduces Superman) and Stormwatch (which was brought over from the old Wildstorm universe).

Action Comics surprised me for two reasons. 
1) I'm not really a big fan of Superman.  I don't dislike him, I'm just always more interested in the periphery characters (Supergirl, Superboy, etc...) much like with the Batclan. 
2) (and this is the biggie) I am NOT a fan of Grant Morrison.  I find him more than a bit pompous and I've just never been able to get into his writing.  He's one of those writers with a pseudo-cult following, but I've never been able to get into his story writing style. 

I REALLY liked Action Comics though.

Stormwatch surprised me because it was a title I wasn't expecting to pick up.  I have a feeling this is going to become one of my top favs if the book keeps going the way it is.  The writing is smart and funny and it's got both a rough and quirky edge to it.  It also has two characters (Midnighter and Apollo) who were one of the top (and one of the first) canon gay couples in comics.  In the relaunch we meet them as they meet each other.  I'm really looking forward to their story.

My one major complaint so far on the re-launch:

Having read comics for decades now I am well versed in scheduling issues.  The thing is, DC purposely re-set all of their titles back to the starting point.  This means that they should be able to co-ordinate the story threads for the most part.  That being said, within the first week there are already books that are referencing events from books that won't come out until the end of the month.  I have to think that if they're ultimate goal is to pull in new readers? This may not be the way to go.  Maybe it's just me, but I find myself more frustrated
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We get hot, shiny Nightwing butt again.  No more cape to cover up the best ass in the DCU.  Also he looks like he's in latex.  Well, when doesn't Dick look good in latex...ahem, you know what I mean.

In other Comic Book stuff, Marvel may have actually convinced me to dip my toe back into their side of the world again.  Not 100% sold, but I will say that their movies are making me long to at least go back and read some old school stuff like the X-Men and Thor.  I am weak for good comics.

In H50 related  stuff:

They're apparently doing a "Halloween Themed" episode this year.  Immediately all I could think of is that one of the finds a cursed idol, Steve wipes out on his surfboard and they all have to head off to a cave with Vincent Price to return the idol and get rid of the curse!

For those of you too young to get the reference above?  Go find the Hawaii eps of "The Brady Bunch".  Seriously.  They're awesome in a Scooby-Doo kind of way.

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Hi. Thought I'd do another quick check in from Comic Con. It's the final day and the con has wound down. I've been up since 4:30 this morning so my brain is a little punchy. [livejournal.com profile] tartary_lamb and I got up to go stand in line for Hall H. Hall H is the 6,500 seat room that the bigger panels are held in. Bigger means larger audiences and lining up earlier. Even getting up as early as we did we ended up almost half way back. Still, it wasn't horrible for pics and everything went up on the big screens.

The panels we sat through were for Glee, Supernatural and Doctor Who. I won't post any spoilers but they were all fun.

I will share some pics though. :)

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I may have more than a little girl-crush on Karen Gillan. She's gorgeous, cute and funny. I'll post about the spoilery stuff from the panels after my brain is functioning again. The new seasons for the shows sound great though.

Just realized that I haven't posted pics of John Barrowman and Mark Sheppard from yesterday. (I also have a video of John singing "Happy Birthday" to a guy in the audience but I need to upload it.) Here are the pics along with an art commission and print I bought today. The commission is Superboy and Robin and the print is Dick Grayson in his new Nightwing uniform...well mostly in his uniform.

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Lots of fun was had. Not sure if I'll be doing it again next year though. Several reasons that I'll get into another time. I'll also post more pics. Just a bit of a pain from my iPad. Hope everyone else's weekends were good.

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Oct. 23rd, 2010 11:03 pm
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Having a great time at Disneyland for the weekend.  It turns out that I'm here at the same time as BlizzCon just like last year.  It's kind of weird being in a con hotel when I'm not actually at a con. :)

While I'm at Disneyland I'm trying to figure out elements for my Halloween costume.  I don't normally dress up, but my roommate is throwing a party so it seems the right thing.  What I have in mind at the moment is a Disney Princess "The Later Years".  Cigarette hanging out of the mouth, a high ball glass (or maybe martini glass) in hand, tattooed up.  I was thinking of wearing a wife beater tank and a robe and painting a tattoo on my chest that says "Beast" in it.  I'm trying to decide if I need a tiarra as well.  Not sure what else...

On the "MY EYES! MY EYES!" end of things.  There was this girl in one of the Disney gift shops whose pants were so low that when she knelt down to get something?  I COULD SEE HER ENTIRE NAKED ASS!!  I'm sorry, but that's really the point to start re-thinking one's wardrobe choices.


In other stuff, while I'm studiously procrastinating on class assignment for the week, I'm putting together an intro post for Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl.

I just re-read the current "Batgirl" run while sitting at work yesterday (it was a reeeallly slow day) and it is solidly in first place as my favorite book at the moment.  Stephanie is such a great example of how well a female character can be written as "kick-ass" without becoming the cliched "kick-ass".  Plus the supporting characters in the book are fairly awesome as well.

So, I'll be doing and intro post for that and then I'm thinking it'll be a "Red Robin" post.

In other words, be forewarned that I will be attempting to pimp folks into comic books. :) 
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So the annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles was today.  For the first time since I've been doing it we had rainy conditions.  Well, it was really a heave drizzle more than a rain.  I kind of liked it though.  Usually it's in the high 80s the day of the walk.  I am appropriately sore after the walk, but had lots of fun.  I raised $2,500 total and the walk raised $2.8 million.  Feeling rather awesome about both of those totals. :)  I have a gold tiara and other swag for my efforts.  Actually, I really like the fleece zip ups they did this year for the Star Walkers.  It was a welcome piece of clothing in the rain/drizzle.

Fannishly not much to talk about. I'm still watching Glee, but I'm rather 'meh' about it at the moment.  There's about a month to go before Human Target starts again.  I am looking forward to it, but not sure if there's anything fannish for me in the meantime.

In comics news, I'm saving my reviews of the "Bruce Wayne: The Road Home" one-shots until the final issue of "The Return of Bruce Wayne" mini comes out.  There were some dissatisfying things about the one-shots that I'm hoping are covered in the final issue of the mini.  Pretty much all surrounding Tim and how he was the one person who had faith the entire time about getting Bruce back.  I do think that it opens up some interesting avenues for Bruce's relationships with Dick, Tim and Damian.  I've never been a huge fan of Bruce, but I actually liked him a bit more in these. 

I will say that the "Batgirl" one-shot made me squee in a couple of parts.  I just love Steph more and more with every issue of whatever she's in.  This is the type of female character I'd love to see on TV.  Then again, Dick and Tim are the kind of male characters I'd like to see.

Umm...I think that's about it for the time being.  Get to work from home tomorrow (yay).  Next weekend is Disneyland (double-yay).

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So I've been trying to determine which Nightwing comics are the best for helping lure [personal profile] taylorgibbs into the hawtness that is Dick Grayson and the Batfamily.  It's a LOT of canon so I was trying to figure out a good point.  I thought the mini that came out in the mid-90s would be a good starting point and wouldn't be too confusing.

My problem is, how do I sell someone on the hawtness and awesomeness of Dick Grayson when the first page of the second issue is this...

Okay, sure.  There's a whole boatload of "context is for the weak" going on there, but the FOREARMS and HAIR!!!  I feel that Greg Land owes me one new brain scrubber.

There's a reason that I'd blocked a lot of 90s comics from my brain, isn't there?


Sep. 16th, 2010 08:29 pm
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In spite of a break where we got to go bowling yesterday afternoon, work has been kicking my butt this week. I've been getting home and more or less collapsing. This sucks for having any sort of life at the moment. I'm hoping that tomorrow after work I'll be able to start catching up on fannish stuff.

I will say that I loved this weeks "Birds of Prey" and "GL: Emerald Warriors". In lieu of a full review I'll just say that the GL:EW artist appreciates how much some of us appreciate Guy Gardner's butt. :)

So question for my DC fannish folks... Given the sliding scale for aging, do we have a ballpark for Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson's ages? I know Tim is 17 or so based on recent stuff and Damian is 10 or 11, but I don't have a real good grasp on the other two.
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So I was thinking about what TV shows for the new season are the "can't miss" for me. The answer? None. I'm actually pretty "meh" on most stuff. That includes my older shows like NCIS. I have the feeling I'll be doing a bit of hunting and choosing and then marathons if anything strikes my fancy.

In better news though, my comics world continues to be rocked. I have so much love for DC right now it's not even funny. That's not saying that they don't still have their problems, but the comics I'm reading right now are hitting that fannish spot for me so much more than any of the TV shows.


This has to be one of the the funnest books out there right now. Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) is a 19 year old college student who is a bit awkward during the day and runs around making bad puns and kicking bad guy's asses at night. She also has this awkwardly flirty relationship with one of Gotham's newest cops, Nick Gage.

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If TV writers want to see how to do a kick-ass girl, I think Steph is an awesome example. She's got that great balance of awkwardness and wanting to do right going for her. Plus how can you not love a comic that has scenes like this:

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Red Robin/Batman and Robin/Batman:

Even with the change in writers, Red Robin continues to be kinda great. I know that Marcus To's artwork is part of my love, but I think the bigger love comes from the interaction that we get to see between Tim Drake Wayne (Red Robin), Dick Grayson (current Batman, former Robin) and Damian Wayne (current Robin).

The relationship between these three is handled really well across all three of these bat-books. It's as much about the three of them trying to find their way in their new roles while Bruce is gone as it is about them fighting the bad guys.

Dick reminds me a lot of Tony DiNozzo during the whole Mexico fiasco. He's trying to be Batman while folks keep subtly reminding him that he's not *the* Batman. He's also trying to train up a new Robin (Damian) who is resentful of Tim's presence and trying to keep Damian and Tim from killing each other.

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There are other titles I'm reading right now as well and I'll get into talking specifically about them at some point, but I think the Bat-books are a prime example right now of what I love about comics and what I long for in a lot of my media. Sure I want the action, but that's really secondary to the smart and funny for me. Things that go "boom" will never outweigh snark with me.

*This* is how a sibling relationship should work.
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So I'm settling back into life after the craziness that was Comic Con 2010.  I'd love to say that I have a shiny, well-written and coherent report for you.  However, that would be a lie.

Instead, I share a brief synopsis...

Line, line, line.  DC Booth.  Geoff Johns.  Artist's Alley.  Francis Manapul (see sketch in last post). Line. Geoff Johns. Line. Line. Geoff Johns.  Hunt for trades.  Geoff Johns.  MASSIVE Line.  Geoff Johns.  Ryan Reynolds being adorable (see video below). Line.  Geoff Johns.  Artists Alley.  Semi-massive line.  Geoff Johns.  Misha Collins. Artists Alley. Hunt for Trades. Line.  Tix for next year.  Collapse. Drink and eat too much. Pack. Go home.

You may notice a couple of trends in there.

One of my favorite parts of the con this year was getting to watch Francis Manapul work.  What's interesting is that his style isn't one that I normally enjoy for comic books.  I tend to like clean lines, and strong color.  He's pretty much the polar opposite of that.  However, the books he's done with Geoff Johns ("Adventure Comics" 1 - 6 and the current run of "The Flash") have pretty much blown me away.  When I was standing in line waiting for a sketch from him, he was talking about how collaborative working with Geoff Johns was.  That GJ adapts his writing style to the strength of the artist.  Where Manapul's style lends itself to fewer panels per page, someone like Ivan Reis can cram a whole bunch into a story.

And speaking of the current run of "The Flash"...I LOVE IT!!  I just read #4 and it didn't fail to be awesome.  I know that there are some folks who feel it's a bit too Silver Age.  I've got to say that I actually love that about it.  One of the reasons I dropped so many books in the 90s was that they'd all become so dark and brooding.  Now I feel like DC overall and Geoff Johns specifically have found the sense of fun again in comic books.  They've found a way to have the "OMG! Impending DOOM!" without making it so dark and have a sense of humor without falling into the "Golly gee, Batman.  Guess I shouldn't have told that lie."

Another example is this week's issue of "Green Lantern".  Absolutely wonderful story.  Again, fun without getting campy.

One of the things that Geoff Johns teased at Comic Con was a Christmas Special he's planning on doing this year.  If this GL was an indicator, the Christmas Special is going to be a BLAST!  For those who don't read GL, there's a character called Larfleeze and his whole motivation in life is pretty much avarice.  He WANTS. 

Cut for spoilers for GL #56 )
Beyond the Christmas Special, I think Larfleeze should do an episode of "Hoarding: Buried Alive" on TLC.  He'd be perfect for it.

In knitting news, I'm just about finished with a "Spring Beret" that I started while in line for Hall H.  I'll post pics once it's done.

Speaking of Hall H...this qualifies as the cutest moment of the entire con for me.  At the Green Lantern movie panel a little boy asked Ryan Reynolds what it was like to say the oath.  See vid below for the response. :)  I know that there are folks saying that it was set up, but I have to say that it didn't seem set up at all while we were there.  In fact, at the end of the panel Ryan gave away the GL ring he was wearing and you could see that he really wanted to give it to the little boy who asked the question.  They'd already had a thing set up where there was a paper taped under someone's seat.

Now for the cuteness:

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After that last post, I wanted to post something that made me a bit happier. So I'm going to share some fun bits of my current obsession. DC comics.

The first page is from "Batgirl" #4. No real context is needed. I just love the panel at the bottom. It made me think of the Batman/Commish Gordon slashers out there. :) The guy Gordon (he's the older one on the right) is talking to is a new detective in Gotham. I think his name is Nick. (Can't remember right now. I'm still reading through the "Batgirl" series.

Cut for size )

These next two are from "Red Robin" #9. They are squee making for me because I'm a Kon/Tim shipper (yes they're *slightly* under 18, but they're totally teen boys in love). I love Kon's comment about the chaps. For slight context, Superboy (Kon-El or Connor) has been dead for a year. It's comics, go with me here. He and Tim (Red Robin, formerly Robin) were/are best friends. Tim even tried to make a clone of Connor to get him back. This is the second time they've seen each other since Connor came back to life, but Tim was more than a bit emo the first time (a whole long complicated thing about Batman).

Cut for size )
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Worked from home today and got some stuff done around the house. Looks like I might be working from home tomorrow too.

I'm hoping to actually be more productive over the next several days. I'm in one of those headspaces right now where I want everything in my life to be organized but I'm a bit overwhelmed where to start as usual. *sigh* Trying not to panic and just deal with one thing at a time.

In the fun category, had a lovely conversation on Twitter with [personal profile] tejas, [personal profile] taylorgibbs, [profile] xanthelj and others about how the producers of NCIS should really produce a set of anatomically correct NCIS action figures. Action!Tony would come dressed in leather and Action!Gibbs would come with a whip and paddle. Action!Abby would come with a camcorder. :) We also discussed all the expansion sets they could sell along with the figures. It was really kinda awesome and I can guarantee there would be a market for these action figures.

Other fun category is more about comics. This week I picked up "Brightest Day" #1 along with several "Red Robin"s and a few others. While I really loved "Brightest Day", my absolute favorite issue that I picked up this week was last week's "The Brave and the Bold" with Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Batgirl. It was wrtitten by J. Michael Straczynski and the art was by Cliff Chiang. Before I talk about the issue itself (behind a cut) I just want to recommend this issue to anyone who reads comics. It was so beautifully done and was such a great story with these three characters. If you're planning on picking up the issue, PLEASE DON'T read behind the cut.

Cut for MAJOR spoilers in the issue. )

I have to say that I'm pondering picking up Wonder Woman now that JMS will be writing it. I'm definitely picking up the new "Birds of Prey" series that Gail Simone is writing. I think the first issue is next week. As much as I love my slashy superhero guys, I'm really wanting to read some titles with strong women as well as the male titles.

I'll do a review of "Brightest Day" #1 tomorrow, but suffice it to say that I'm digging on Aquaman now!

I caved...

Apr. 8th, 2010 08:57 pm
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Or in this case it might be more appropriate to say I "Batcaved". Okay, that was really bad.

Anyway, I hit the comic book store today and I forsee some serious cash outlay in my future. I had seen snippets from the "Red Robin" issue that was released this week and I decided to get the first couple of issues in the series to see if I like it. This led to the first couple of issues of the new "Batman and Robin" series...and the first couple of issues of the new "Adventure Comics" series with Superboy.

I've also gotten several of the TPB (trade paperbacks) for Green Lantern and I'll be continuing with the new "Flash" series.

Umm...did I mention that this might get expensive? Knitting and comics are *not* friendly hobbies for the wallet.

I have to say though that one of my attractions to these titles (aside from the fangirl worship of Geoff Johns) is the relationship between the characters. One of my many favorite things from the "Flash" mini-series was how much of a touchstone Barry Allen's relationships were. Not just with his wife, but also with Hal Jordan. Okay, that feeds in the slashy side of me (as does the Supes/Batman relationship) but it also shows something that I've been missing in my shows like NCIS. A relationship where they depend on each other and trust each other.

One of these days I'm really going to have to type up my whole theory about how Gibbs is really Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Tony is Nightwing (Dick Grayson).
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So I actually had a good couple of days at work.  I'll probably go into the details in a later post, but suffice to say that they've helped put me in a good mood.

Other happy making things...

Kavan Smith is on Human Target tonight.  I'm definitely liking this show.  It's not one that I'll necessarily become fannish about, but it's good action/adventure fun.  Mark Valley is pretty easy on the eyes too.

I'm still working my way through the re-watches of X-Files and now SGA.  I miss these shows.

After mainlining the first two seasons of The Big Bang Theory over the weekend, I had an uncontrollable desire to dive deep into comics fandom again.  I just read the The Flash: Rebirth mini and am even more of a confirmed Geoff Johns fangirl now.  He won me over during a couple of panels last year at Comic Con and with Green Lantern and Blackest Night.  I never thought when I was growing up as a confirmed Marvel girl that I'd defect to DC later in life.  Now to hunt down all the Superboy return stuff and hit Golden Apple Comics this weekend.  Damn this is an expensive habit.

Oh, and I've started knitting a new hat!  Yay!

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So I have a new default icon. After I made it though, I thought of something. Now that Mark Harmon is Superman in the new animated Justice League movie (which is actually pretty good and totally making me ship Supes with Lex and not just because Chris Noth is the voice of Lex and naked in a scene) the sightline could also be seen as him using his heat vision. YOWCH!

ETA: Okay, after a Twitter convo with [livejournal.com profile] jades_shadow I totally want an animated feature with Mark Harmon as Batman and Michael Weatherly as Nightwing. Barring this, I want a crack fic that accomplishes this! Tony is so Nightwing to Gibbs' Batman it isn't even funny.
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There's a teaser clip for the new "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" up on MTV.

My pure squee over this movie and the folks who are doing the voices is just OFF THE CHARTS.

Mark Harmon as Superman (we all knew Gibbs had superpowers)
James Woods as Owlman (he always does scary well)
Chris Noth as Lex Luthor from another Earth
Gina Torres as Wonder Woman
Billy Baldwin as Batman (okay, I'm having a harder sell on that one)

I'm trying desperately not to slash Superman/Lex from this based on like 20 seconds of audio, but I'm not sure I can restrain myself!!!

Can't wait!

ETA: Now with actual link: http://splashpage.mtv.com/2009/09/30/exclusive-justice-league-crisis-on-two-earths-preview/ D'OH!


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