Sep. 16th, 2010 08:29 pm
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In spite of a break where we got to go bowling yesterday afternoon, work has been kicking my butt this week. I've been getting home and more or less collapsing. This sucks for having any sort of life at the moment. I'm hoping that tomorrow after work I'll be able to start catching up on fannish stuff.

I will say that I loved this weeks "Birds of Prey" and "GL: Emerald Warriors". In lieu of a full review I'll just say that the GL:EW artist appreciates how much some of us appreciate Guy Gardner's butt. :)

So question for my DC fannish folks... Given the sliding scale for aging, do we have a ballpark for Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson's ages? I know Tim is 17 or so based on recent stuff and Damian is 10 or 11, but I don't have a real good grasp on the other two.
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So I'm settling back into life after the craziness that was Comic Con 2010.  I'd love to say that I have a shiny, well-written and coherent report for you.  However, that would be a lie.

Instead, I share a brief synopsis...

Line, line, line.  DC Booth.  Geoff Johns.  Artist's Alley.  Francis Manapul (see sketch in last post). Line. Geoff Johns. Line. Line. Geoff Johns.  Hunt for trades.  Geoff Johns.  MASSIVE Line.  Geoff Johns.  Ryan Reynolds being adorable (see video below). Line.  Geoff Johns.  Artists Alley.  Semi-massive line.  Geoff Johns.  Misha Collins. Artists Alley. Hunt for Trades. Line.  Tix for next year.  Collapse. Drink and eat too much. Pack. Go home.

You may notice a couple of trends in there.

One of my favorite parts of the con this year was getting to watch Francis Manapul work.  What's interesting is that his style isn't one that I normally enjoy for comic books.  I tend to like clean lines, and strong color.  He's pretty much the polar opposite of that.  However, the books he's done with Geoff Johns ("Adventure Comics" 1 - 6 and the current run of "The Flash") have pretty much blown me away.  When I was standing in line waiting for a sketch from him, he was talking about how collaborative working with Geoff Johns was.  That GJ adapts his writing style to the strength of the artist.  Where Manapul's style lends itself to fewer panels per page, someone like Ivan Reis can cram a whole bunch into a story.

And speaking of the current run of "The Flash"...I LOVE IT!!  I just read #4 and it didn't fail to be awesome.  I know that there are some folks who feel it's a bit too Silver Age.  I've got to say that I actually love that about it.  One of the reasons I dropped so many books in the 90s was that they'd all become so dark and brooding.  Now I feel like DC overall and Geoff Johns specifically have found the sense of fun again in comic books.  They've found a way to have the "OMG! Impending DOOM!" without making it so dark and have a sense of humor without falling into the "Golly gee, Batman.  Guess I shouldn't have told that lie."

Another example is this week's issue of "Green Lantern".  Absolutely wonderful story.  Again, fun without getting campy.

One of the things that Geoff Johns teased at Comic Con was a Christmas Special he's planning on doing this year.  If this GL was an indicator, the Christmas Special is going to be a BLAST!  For those who don't read GL, there's a character called Larfleeze and his whole motivation in life is pretty much avarice.  He WANTS. 

Cut for spoilers for GL #56 )
Beyond the Christmas Special, I think Larfleeze should do an episode of "Hoarding: Buried Alive" on TLC.  He'd be perfect for it.

In knitting news, I'm just about finished with a "Spring Beret" that I started while in line for Hall H.  I'll post pics once it's done.

Speaking of Hall H...this qualifies as the cutest moment of the entire con for me.  At the Green Lantern movie panel a little boy asked Ryan Reynolds what it was like to say the oath.  See vid below for the response. :)  I know that there are folks saying that it was set up, but I have to say that it didn't seem set up at all while we were there.  In fact, at the end of the panel Ryan gave away the GL ring he was wearing and you could see that he really wanted to give it to the little boy who asked the question.  They'd already had a thing set up where there was a paper taped under someone's seat.

Now for the cuteness:

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Geoff Johns (in addition to being the awesome writer of Green Lantern and The Flash) is one of the writers for the new Robot Chicken Star Wars Spoof.


May. 4th, 2010 08:49 pm
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Howdy...still alive.

Watching NCIS right now. No spoilers but I have mixed feelings about tonight's episode. I'll have to think through my thoughts on this one and whether I actually like it or not.

In other news, I'm still quite happily sucked into Green Lantern obsession. As such GRABBY HANDS!!! WANT! I keep telling myself that I should wait until Comic Con to get stuff, but even my boss told me I should cave and get this now.

I'll make my decision when I'm at the comic book store tomorrow picking up "Brightest Day" #1. As I've told [personal profile] crimsonquills I'm sooo screwed for Comic Con. On the upside, Marvel has managed to cure me of wanting to read any X titles for awhile. Won't go into details in case anyone doesn't want to be spoiled for "Second Coming" but FFFFFFUUUUUUU Marvel!

Okay, back to NCIS and then LOST. Yay!
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So I actually had a good couple of days at work.  I'll probably go into the details in a later post, but suffice to say that they've helped put me in a good mood.

Other happy making things...

Kavan Smith is on Human Target tonight.  I'm definitely liking this show.  It's not one that I'll necessarily become fannish about, but it's good action/adventure fun.  Mark Valley is pretty easy on the eyes too.

I'm still working my way through the re-watches of X-Files and now SGA.  I miss these shows.

After mainlining the first two seasons of The Big Bang Theory over the weekend, I had an uncontrollable desire to dive deep into comics fandom again.  I just read the The Flash: Rebirth mini and am even more of a confirmed Geoff Johns fangirl now.  He won me over during a couple of panels last year at Comic Con and with Green Lantern and Blackest Night.  I never thought when I was growing up as a confirmed Marvel girl that I'd defect to DC later in life.  Now to hunt down all the Superboy return stuff and hit Golden Apple Comics this weekend.  Damn this is an expensive habit.

Oh, and I've started knitting a new hat!  Yay!


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