Feb. 3rd, 2012 10:15 pm
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So it's fairly common in comics fandom to discuss which actors would be cast for various characters.  Since Nightwing/Dick Grayson is one of my favorite characters, I'm often trying to figure out who would play him.  Matt Bomer is one of the more popular selections for him.  I've always been kind of neutral on this, but tonight it all slotted into place!!

Matt Bomer is Nightwing/Dick
Gabriel Macht is Batman/Bruce Wayne
Patrick J Adams is Robin/Tim Drake

I keep trying to mentally work in Tim DeKay too.  Commissioner Gordon doesn't quite work for me though.

THIS SO WORKS!!  I now want this so bad.  In lieu of this I'd take a Suits/White Collar/Batman fusion fic.


Sep. 16th, 2010 08:29 pm
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In spite of a break where we got to go bowling yesterday afternoon, work has been kicking my butt this week. I've been getting home and more or less collapsing. This sucks for having any sort of life at the moment. I'm hoping that tomorrow after work I'll be able to start catching up on fannish stuff.

I will say that I loved this weeks "Birds of Prey" and "GL: Emerald Warriors". In lieu of a full review I'll just say that the GL:EW artist appreciates how much some of us appreciate Guy Gardner's butt. :)

So question for my DC fannish folks... Given the sliding scale for aging, do we have a ballpark for Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson's ages? I know Tim is 17 or so based on recent stuff and Damian is 10 or 11, but I don't have a real good grasp on the other two.
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So I was thinking about what TV shows for the new season are the "can't miss" for me. The answer? None. I'm actually pretty "meh" on most stuff. That includes my older shows like NCIS. I have the feeling I'll be doing a bit of hunting and choosing and then marathons if anything strikes my fancy.

In better news though, my comics world continues to be rocked. I have so much love for DC right now it's not even funny. That's not saying that they don't still have their problems, but the comics I'm reading right now are hitting that fannish spot for me so much more than any of the TV shows.


This has to be one of the the funnest books out there right now. Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) is a 19 year old college student who is a bit awkward during the day and runs around making bad puns and kicking bad guy's asses at night. She also has this awkwardly flirty relationship with one of Gotham's newest cops, Nick Gage.

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If TV writers want to see how to do a kick-ass girl, I think Steph is an awesome example. She's got that great balance of awkwardness and wanting to do right going for her. Plus how can you not love a comic that has scenes like this:

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Red Robin/Batman and Robin/Batman:

Even with the change in writers, Red Robin continues to be kinda great. I know that Marcus To's artwork is part of my love, but I think the bigger love comes from the interaction that we get to see between Tim Drake Wayne (Red Robin), Dick Grayson (current Batman, former Robin) and Damian Wayne (current Robin).

The relationship between these three is handled really well across all three of these bat-books. It's as much about the three of them trying to find their way in their new roles while Bruce is gone as it is about them fighting the bad guys.

Dick reminds me a lot of Tony DiNozzo during the whole Mexico fiasco. He's trying to be Batman while folks keep subtly reminding him that he's not *the* Batman. He's also trying to train up a new Robin (Damian) who is resentful of Tim's presence and trying to keep Damian and Tim from killing each other.

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There are other titles I'm reading right now as well and I'll get into talking specifically about them at some point, but I think the Bat-books are a prime example right now of what I love about comics and what I long for in a lot of my media. Sure I want the action, but that's really secondary to the smart and funny for me. Things that go "boom" will never outweigh snark with me.

*This* is how a sibling relationship should work.


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