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I was supposed to go out with [personal profile] leupagus and other fangirls tonight for booze and squee but I have a sudden case of the creeping crud right now.  Woke up sneezing and coughing this morning and now it's progressed into generally feeling like crap.  I just want to curl up in a blanket and OD on NyQuil.  I'm pondering finally watching "Sherlock" but I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay coherent enough to really pay attention.  Perhaps tomorrow.

I'd picked up fixings to make chili in the slow cooker, but I'm kind of wishing now I'd gotten stuff for soup.  Oh well, the chili should clear my sinuses out.


In happier news, I'm seriously considering taking a trip to Toronto at the end of May/early June.  It's Memorial Day and my birthday.  I keep saying that I should see other parts of Canada and I'm told Toronto is lovely and um...there may be a certain show filming around that time. *cough*

So if anyone on my flist has tips/warnings/things in general about Toronto they'd like to share with me, I'll take it.  If I do end up going it'd be for at least a week.  Suggestions on areas to stay in and areas to avoid staying in would also be most welcome.


Apr. 24th, 2010 12:57 pm
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So I'm definitely doing better than I was. I'm not hacking up a lung every 15 minutes anymore. My breathing still isn't quite back to normal yet though.

I went and got my hair colored this morning and between that and doing a bit of light shopping (yarn and the drugstore) I'm kinda wiped out for the day. Hopefully my stamina will return soonish. Especially since I'll be going back into work on Monday. I'm saving the rest of my shopping for tomorrow (mainly the comic book store and possibly a trip to the downtown library for some pics and family research).

I'll post pics of the hair and yarn tomorrow sometime. Both are nice. :) The hair is a coppery medium red. The yarn is Malabrigo "Black Forrest". I swore I wasn't going to yarn shop after my hair but they'd just gotten a new shipment of Malabrigo in and I couldn't resist. I am weak.

So off to hunt down Doctor Who and get some more reading and sun time in in the back yard. It's finally nice out again with some warmer temps.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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Feeling better. Still not 100%, but definitely better.

I went out of the house for the first time in a week and the first time in two weeks for anything except a doctor appointment.

Walked over to the Farmer's Market and grabbed some lunch. I'm so tired of "sick food" like oatmeal and broths. I got some jambalaya. YUM. It should also help clear out my sinuses and at least some of the cough left in my chest.

One interesting thing I noticed while I was on my way was that someone had tagged (graffitied) one of the many Iron Man 2 billboards. I'll get a shot when I'm out tomorrow, but the interesting thing was that on the left side where War Machine is it's tagged in black and grey and on Iron Man's side it's in gold and red. They color coordinated!

Anyway, on to my lunch and watching a Donald Strachey movie. (How much do I love those two?) Then on to read the latest K.A. Mitchell book. It's a day for hot gay men. Being sick has its perks. :)
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So the allergies that turned out to be a cold have now turned out to be borderline pneumonia. What can I say, I like to do things big.

I got drugs from the doctor yesterday. I also discovered that when the cough syrup with codeine says "drink 8 oz of water" DRINK THE WATER! I almost passed out on my roommate last night.

I woke up feeling slightly better this morning, then promptly discovered that was the whole laying down thing that was fooling me. I got as far as walking to the kitchen and back to my room before I was exhausted. This is going to suck mightily.

The upsides of this, lots of time to knit and read comics. The downside, not enough energy to go to the sale today at my favorite yarn store or to the comic book store.

So, here's hoping tomorrow might be a better day and I might make it to the comic book store. Okay, maybe by Monday.


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