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I haven't fallen off the face of the earth again.  I've just been busy with work and life and...well, let's face it, my fandom interests have migrated more to Tumblr.  Even there though, I'm much less active with the fandom stuff than I used to be.  Combination of work, travel and trying to have off-line interests as well.

I may do a post about what I'm watching on Fall TV, but honestly I'm still not entirely sure.  Stuff I thought would spark my interest has turned out to be "meh", but there may be some thing out there that grabs me at some point.

Rambling about my photography and other stuff. )
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Since I finally made an actual decision on what I'm going to be knitting for the Ravellenic Games, I thought I'd share the project here.

This is the pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf

And here's a picture of the yarn I'll be using. It's GORGEOUS.


It's a silk, wool blend and soooo soft and yummy to work with.  I'll post more pics throughout the process. :)


Jul. 24th, 2012 09:54 pm
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For those who've been tuned in, I'll be doing an update on the whole gym thing later in the week.  It is going well though. So...YAY.

In other news, I'm participating in the Ravellenic Games this year.  For those not familiar, it's a knitting event that takes place during the Olympics.  Competitors cast on during the opening ceremonies and should finish their chosen event/project by the closing ceremonies.

I have a crap-ton of yarn so I'm not worried about that.  I'm just really trying to decide whether to stretch myself or go with something safe.  I'm not the fastest knitter in the world so having the two week time-frame concerns me.  I can knock out a simple-ish scarf in that time, but I'm not sure I'd be able to do something like the cowl I really want to do since it's a new pattern and figuring out the cast-on involves actually watching YouTube.  If I do the scarf, I'm tempted to do either a HUGE one or do two.  At the very least one scarf would qualify to compete for "Scarf Hockey" and "Synchronized Stash Busting".  If I actually make it for someone else, it would also qualify for "Holiday Hurdles".

So apparently I've talked myself into doing at least one scarf...possibly two. 

Umm...thanks everyone?
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Meh.  Should have seen Brave instead.
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So I have a scarf that I've been working on since late May or so.  It's a Lace Ribbon scarf that I'm doing in Manos Silk.  I love how the yarn is knitting up for the pattern, but I'm starting to realize that it's going to be quite a bit shorter than I prefer in a scarf.  I like them LONG.  However, I decided I wanted this one to be wide as well.  Now I'm pondering whether to rip out the almost full skein I've knitted on it so far, or just suck it up and deal with the length.  I may put it in the time out corner for a bit while I decide.  I really do want it to be longer than it's turning out but the thought of frogging it right now makes me weep.  And if I decide to set it aside, I need to figure out what to work on during the next couple weeks (though I have plenty of WIPs that I can pick up).

What's also playing into this is that I'm competing in the Ravellenic Games this year on Ravelry.  Basically you compete in Olympic Hellenic style events on various teams during the time period of the Olympic games.  (The USOC sent a nasty letter to Ravelry for using the O word claiming they lose money because of it. Whatever.)  So that time frame will be dedicated to the knitting I'm doing for that.

So, I'm thinking I'm going to do the "Scarf Hockey" event and use that same entry as a cross-competing one in the "Synchronized Stash Busting" with several skeins of Malabrigo worsted sitting in my bins right now.  The pattern I'm looking at is fairly similar to the Lace Ribbon, but it has more of a cabled look (without actually cabling).  My biggest concern is that I'm on the slow side when it comes to knitting.  I get way too easily distracted with things like LJ and Tumblr and WoW which aren't really conducive to knitting at the same time.  I really want to compete and finish this though.  Sort of a mini-NaNoWriMo for knitters.

Anyhoo...This is pretty much the state of my life right now.  Nothing all that exciting happening other than work and waiting for the next episode of Suits and the Season premiere of White Collar next week.
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Title: Path of Thorns
Fandom: Suits
Character: Harvey Specter
Genre: Gen (One-sided slash)
Rating: T
Word Count: 358
A/N: This sorta spilled out after the episode.  Short and totally not beta'd so if you seen any mistakes please shout. 

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So let's just head straight to the cut for all the feelings here:

Oh god, where do I begin... )
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Now that the giddy has worn off, I thought I'd post some slightly thinkier thoughts about the ep.

Spoilers again. )
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Putting all my thoughts behind a cut.  Spoilers ahead...

Seriously. Spoilers. )

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I know I've been spotty at best on checking in here lately.  I've been spending a lot of my fannish time over on Tumblr (since that's where most of the Suits fandom is located) and I've been trying to get some actual RL stuff done as well.  One of my goals this weekend is to organize some things a bit better and that includes my online life.  What that means is I need to trim back in a few places including LJ/DW.  I'll be doing a trim down of my reading lists, but that'll be 90% comms that I don't really read anymore.  I'll probably also be dropping some folks who haven't posted in ages as well just to clean things up.  As always, unless you're one of about a dozen specific people (who should know who they are by now) feel free to drop me at any time.  I'm hoping by trimming down the list though that I'll have a manageable number of people I'm following and I can actually interact without feeling quite so overwhelmed.

I will be attempting to make more regular updates though.  I will warn you that the initial ones will most likely be Suits HEAVY since the Season 2 premiere is tonight.  SO EXCITED!!

I also wanted to say thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes last week and that I had an amazingly wonderful time in Ontario.  [livejournal.com profile] slb44 was a hostess extraordinaire.

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So I was planning on just throwing up a few pics of my trip to Toronto, but have to mention the shooting since folks have been asking and my phone is blowing up right now with texts.

A couple hours ago there was a shooting at the food court of the Eaton Centre mall which is about 6 to 8 blocks down from my hotel. Thankfully when I'd finished up sightseeing, I decided at the last minute to head back to the hotel instead of going into the mall like I'd originally planned on. I'm now holed up in the hotel for the night. They're saying 8 victims, one fatality and they still haven't caught the gunman. YIKES!! So yay for instincts or lack of wanting to socialize or whatever. (Also, a thunderstorm just moved in. Really Canada??)

Anyway, on to the pics. I'll put a couple up here and then just give you guys a link to my Flickr album since I'll be updating it throughout the rest of the trip.

CN Tower which I went up to the top of. It was AWESOME. A chunk of the pics I've put up so far are the view from the tower. There's also a glass floor on one of the levels you can walk on. I love heights but it even made me swoon a bit.

My Suits peeps will get why this is fun. :) I want to be clear that there were no signs that said we couldn't go into this part of the parking lot. A guy with a grumpy face seemed to disagree.

This one is just me screwing around with the color levels when I was working with the RAW file for the photo.

Downtown skyscraper
One of the skyscrapers I took a pic of on Wednesday. The sky was perfect for getting shots of all the glass buildings.

Here's the link for the Set on Flickr. I'll be adding lots more as I work through them and as I take more. (As a side note: I really need to figure out a better workflow for my pictures, especially now that I'm working with RAW files. I feel like I have a billion files everywhere and it makes it a pain to find them later and takes up a lot of room on the laptop. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE share.)
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So I'm in Toronto. YAY!  It's been an incredibly long day with an incredibly long week leading up to it.  I'm heading off to bed soon (after watching a special on the Queen's Jubilee).

Can't wait to go off exploring tomorrow.  Planning on doing one of the hop on hop off tour buses and getting my bearings.  Not sure what I was expecting when I got to Toronto, but it's definitely a good stand in for mid-town Manhattan.  VERY compact and dense from what I've seen so far.

I'm also going to hit up Eaton Centre tomorrow.  There was no way that I was going to be this close to a giant shopping mall and not visit it. :)  I really want to go to the Lush store though.  I have a tub here at the hotel and plan on taking as many baths as possible while here. I'll share lots of pictures I'm sure.  (Of the sights, not including the baths.)

The rest of the week is more sightseeing, museums and some Suits stalking with a couple of fans who live here. :)  Next week I'll be hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] slb44 and having lots of fun.  We'll be hanging out in her neck of the woods and going to Niagara Falls and plays and other such stuff.

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I know that a lot of folks on here don't necessarily use Tumblr, but there are a lot of great pics and videos from the USA Upfronts in New York yesterday.  (For those not familiar with them, the Upfronts are when the networks show off their current shows as well as their new ones to the media.)

Anyway, the pics and videos are from a bunch of different sources (including folks personal stuff) so I thought I'd at least share the link to the Suits tag on my Tumblr for those who'd like a peek. :)  I would post some of the pics here, but there are so many from various sources I figured it'd be easier this way.  Hope nobody minds.

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So. The Avengers. I feel like I should do a full on review but I have a hard time making it past OMG!!! THAT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! WHEN DO I SEE IT AGAIN????

Some incoherent bullet points.
Spoilers of course )
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Went to see The Avengers tonight with a group of fangirls. I'll do the recap tomorrow (well...later today), but I will say OMG AMAZEBALLS!! And I love that the points that I was all excited about are the ones everyone else seems excited about too!!

Anyway, I thought I'd share what happens when you mix an AWESOMTASTIC Avengers movie, fangirls, booze and dolls with articulation.

No spoilers for the movie. Just for some slashy brains. )

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A couple of folks have asked me about dates and such for my trip to Toronto.  Thought I'd share here.

I will be in Toronto from May 29th through June 9th (I extended it out from the original date of the 6th).

I would love to do a fan get together with anyone interested.  Be it Suits or any other fannish stuff. :)  At the moment my schedule is pretty flexible.  I do have a couple of plans which will tie up specific days once I make a decision, but they’re still up in the air at the moment.  But if folks have times/dates that work for them just let me know.

I’m also flexible on the location if anyone has ideas.  I’ll be staying in Downton Toronto (near the University if the map doesn’t lie).

So, fannishness YAY!

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So spoilers are coming out from the deleted scenes and commentaries for the Suits Season 1 DVDs.

I'll put this under a cut for those who don't want commentary spoilers but OH GOD!!!

Hide the stash! )

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Still sick.  Looks like a respiratory infection at this point.  Having soup and tea and psyching myself to go to Urgent Care to get some drugs, but it's dumping (and I mean dumping) down rain outside right now.

Maybe I'll just curl up under the covers again and put Gabriel Macht's voice on in the background to lull me to sleep.


Apr. 10th, 2012 05:58 pm
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Just an update on this post.  I am actually working on a couple of the prompts.  Unfortunately, the lingering cough from the flu is kicking my butt still to the point where I've had to med up.  It doesn't really help with the whole coherent thing while writing.  I hope to have something finished in the next day or so.


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