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I'm playing in Photoshop and had to share this one.

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Thought I'd share a few of the pics I took in DC. These are more of my "pretty picture" group than my "vacation" shots. I'll do a post either this evening or tomorrow that's more of a report with some of those pics.

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So I'm spending the weekend in Vancouver with [personal profile] crimsonquills and [personal profile] tartary_lamb. Yay!

No trip would be complete without me losing something, even if it's only temporary. This time it was my new (and very not cheap) sunglasses. I had put them on top of the pile in the bin going through the x-ray machine at security. I didn't realize until about 10 or 15 minutes later, after I'd gone through and gone down to exchange money that I didn't have them.

I went back to the security checkpoint and asked TSA if anyone had found them. They did a half-ass look and couldn't find them. I finally talked to the LAX police and they said they could have their people check the cameras to see what happened to them after I put them in the bin. After they checked, it turned out that they had dropped off and a guy behind me had picked them up. He tried to give them to TSA, but they ignored him. One of cops got the description for the guy and walked with me through the terminal to find the guy. We finally found him and I got my sunglasses back (yay).

I have to say that I felt sorry for the guy because he was clearly freaked when the cop approached him. He was great about giving them back and he had tried to do the right thing, but was summarily ignored. The cop told him that next time he would need to make sure he handed them to someone because I could have had him arrested. I made it clear that I had no intention of that and I just wanted my sunglasses back.

After all that I have a mixed feeling of security and being watched by Big Brother in an airport now.

So funner things. Since [personal profile] crimsonquills and [personal profile] tartary_lamb both had to work today, I was on my own for fun making. I decided to pick someplace that I'd never visited in Vancouver. I went to the VanDusen Botanical Gardens.

The gardens are gorgeous and HUGE. 50 acres. They have an amazing variety of plant life and even some ducks and geese hanging around. So, since I took my camera and shot 260 pictures while there, you guys get to be subjected to them. Okay, I've only uploaded 19 so far. Photoshop is being a pain on the clean up.

While I took quite a few pics of the Cherry Blossoms, there are only a couple uploaded so far. I had an issue taking wide shots of them because they lost the definition. I think it was a combo of the lighting and the trees themselves. They looks like big, pink fuzzy blobs when I shoot the whole tree. I'm going to try and get some more in the area tomorrow though.

I cut to save your flist, but I'd love any feedback (kind constructive is definitely welcome) on the pics themselves.

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I'm going to be taking pictures over the weekend and am looking for ideas of things to take pics of. There are things that I probably look at everyday that I wouldn't dream of snapping a picture of, but I figure other folks might have some ideas.

Just note, that it's not going to be of someone famous or of my room currently (Mt. Laundry is way too unwieldy). It could be an actual thing or a theme such as a color or a word that sparks something. All suggestions welcome.

If it's something I can't get to this weekend (such as the beach) I could work on doing that next weekend.
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I uploaded some pictures onto Flickr so I thought I'd share with you guys as well.

Need I mention that these are not exactly dial-up friendly?

The first set are around the yard. The bougainvillea petals that were all over the porch from the wind and the actual bushes and stuff.

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The second set are just a couple of knitting pics. The first two are the sweater I'm working on and the third is the Malabrigo lace that I bought. I'm not sure the true color comes through in the pic on that one.

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