Feb. 3rd, 2012 10:15 pm
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So it's fairly common in comics fandom to discuss which actors would be cast for various characters.  Since Nightwing/Dick Grayson is one of my favorite characters, I'm often trying to figure out who would play him.  Matt Bomer is one of the more popular selections for him.  I've always been kind of neutral on this, but tonight it all slotted into place!!

Matt Bomer is Nightwing/Dick
Gabriel Macht is Batman/Bruce Wayne
Patrick J Adams is Robin/Tim Drake

I keep trying to mentally work in Tim DeKay too.  Commissioner Gordon doesn't quite work for me though.

THIS SO WORKS!!  I now want this so bad.  In lieu of this I'd take a Suits/White Collar/Batman fusion fic.
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We get hot, shiny Nightwing butt again.  No more cape to cover up the best ass in the DCU.  Also he looks like he's in latex.  Well, when doesn't Dick look good in latex...ahem, you know what I mean.

In other Comic Book stuff, Marvel may have actually convinced me to dip my toe back into their side of the world again.  Not 100% sold, but I will say that their movies are making me long to at least go back and read some old school stuff like the X-Men and Thor.  I am weak for good comics.

In H50 related  stuff:

They're apparently doing a "Halloween Themed" episode this year.  Immediately all I could think of is that one of the finds a cursed idol, Steve wipes out on his surfboard and they all have to head off to a cave with Vincent Price to return the idol and get rid of the curse!

For those of you too young to get the reference above?  Go find the Hawaii eps of "The Brady Bunch".  Seriously.  They're awesome in a Scooby-Doo kind of way.

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Hi. Thought I'd do another quick check in from Comic Con. It's the final day and the con has wound down. I've been up since 4:30 this morning so my brain is a little punchy. [ profile] tartary_lamb and I got up to go stand in line for Hall H. Hall H is the 6,500 seat room that the bigger panels are held in. Bigger means larger audiences and lining up earlier. Even getting up as early as we did we ended up almost half way back. Still, it wasn't horrible for pics and everything went up on the big screens.

The panels we sat through were for Glee, Supernatural and Doctor Who. I won't post any spoilers but they were all fun.

I will share some pics though. :)

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I may have more than a little girl-crush on Karen Gillan. She's gorgeous, cute and funny. I'll post about the spoilery stuff from the panels after my brain is functioning again. The new seasons for the shows sound great though.

Just realized that I haven't posted pics of John Barrowman and Mark Sheppard from yesterday. (I also have a video of John singing "Happy Birthday" to a guy in the audience but I need to upload it.) Here are the pics along with an art commission and print I bought today. The commission is Superboy and Robin and the print is Dick Grayson in his new Nightwing uniform...well mostly in his uniform.

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Lots of fun was had. Not sure if I'll be doing it again next year though. Several reasons that I'll get into another time. I'll also post more pics. Just a bit of a pain from my iPad. Hope everyone else's weekends were good.

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So I've been trying to determine which Nightwing comics are the best for helping lure [personal profile] taylorgibbs into the hawtness that is Dick Grayson and the Batfamily.  It's a LOT of canon so I was trying to figure out a good point.  I thought the mini that came out in the mid-90s would be a good starting point and wouldn't be too confusing.

My problem is, how do I sell someone on the hawtness and awesomeness of Dick Grayson when the first page of the second issue is this...

Okay, sure.  There's a whole boatload of "context is for the weak" going on there, but the FOREARMS and HAIR!!!  I feel that Greg Land owes me one new brain scrubber.

There's a reason that I'd blocked a lot of 90s comics from my brain, isn't there?


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