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So I have a scarf that I've been working on since late May or so.  It's a Lace Ribbon scarf that I'm doing in Manos Silk.  I love how the yarn is knitting up for the pattern, but I'm starting to realize that it's going to be quite a bit shorter than I prefer in a scarf.  I like them LONG.  However, I decided I wanted this one to be wide as well.  Now I'm pondering whether to rip out the almost full skein I've knitted on it so far, or just suck it up and deal with the length.  I may put it in the time out corner for a bit while I decide.  I really do want it to be longer than it's turning out but the thought of frogging it right now makes me weep.  And if I decide to set it aside, I need to figure out what to work on during the next couple weeks (though I have plenty of WIPs that I can pick up).

What's also playing into this is that I'm competing in the Ravellenic Games this year on Ravelry.  Basically you compete in Olympic Hellenic style events on various teams during the time period of the Olympic games.  (The USOC sent a nasty letter to Ravelry for using the O word claiming they lose money because of it. Whatever.)  So that time frame will be dedicated to the knitting I'm doing for that.

So, I'm thinking I'm going to do the "Scarf Hockey" event and use that same entry as a cross-competing one in the "Synchronized Stash Busting" with several skeins of Malabrigo worsted sitting in my bins right now.  The pattern I'm looking at is fairly similar to the Lace Ribbon, but it has more of a cabled look (without actually cabling).  My biggest concern is that I'm on the slow side when it comes to knitting.  I get way too easily distracted with things like LJ and Tumblr and WoW which aren't really conducive to knitting at the same time.  I really want to compete and finish this though.  Sort of a mini-NaNoWriMo for knitters.

Anyhoo...This is pretty much the state of my life right now.  Nothing all that exciting happening other than work and waiting for the next episode of Suits and the Season premiere of White Collar next week.
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As proof that I *can* actually finish something these days, thought I'd share a couple of pics of the hat I just finished.

The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Multi Cotton. It's yummy to work with, but I wouldn't use it on a project much larger than this since it will clearly start to pill rather quickly.

A couple more pics behind the cut )
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So my brain apparently translated "No more comic book (or related paraphenalia) shopping until Comic Con" into "OOO! More money for yarn!". It was an under $100 for me, which is good, but it was still money I didn't need to be spending right now.

So knitting-wise, I'm almost done with my Sweater O' Doom. Frankly I'd finish it right now if it wouldn't end up looking like I just ran out of yarn. It hits just above the top of my hips right now and I want it down to the mid-point so it looks balanced. The somewhat ironic part is, I think that once I get it to the length of being balanced, it's going to be a bit big. We'll see. I purposely didn't do a button hole. Initially I thought I was going to do some ties. Now I'm thinking that I'll get a largish shawl pin. That way I can cross it over the front and adjust the size if it's a bit big.

I've also finally settled on what I'm going to do with this yarn. I had considered February Lady, but I have some serious concerns on how that would look with the size of my chest. I ran across this pattern and I think it's much more appropriate. I was a little concerned on the yardage, but there are no other skeins of that color that I can find at the moment. I'll just have to watch it and make any adjustments necessary. According to the pattern, I have enough, but there are folks who've stated that they've used more than is listed for the pattern. I'll be crossing my fingers and needles that it works. :)

So this is the yarn I ended up buying today. It's Manos del Uruguay Silk blend. I'm thinking of doing this with it. I'm going to have to swatch first and see how the colors knit up to see if it gets funky. I may do this instead.

Oh, and here's the Zombie BBQ yarn. I'm pretty settled on doing this Spring Beret with it. I think that's going to end up being my Comic Con knitting while standing in lines.

Speaking of Comic Con, according to CBS both Pauley P (aka Abby Scuito on NCIS) and Barret Foa (Eric from NCIS:LA) will be at Comic Con on Saturday. Still not sure why though. I'll spare you another rant on what belongs at Comic Con and what doesn't. :) I'm definitely getting excited about going, but I have a ton to do before it gets here. I also really want to get a visit in to Vancouver sometime in the near future and now there's an NCIS fangirl gathering in DC in the works for Feb. I really need to start paying attention to how much PTO time I have at work and remembering that I have a LOT of yarn stashed before I hit the LYS for shopping.
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I'll share my spoilery thoughts once I'm through everything (and I have definite thoughts right now) but the important thing now is...Where do I get the pattern for knitting Amy's scarf?? I WANT!

Hmm...maybe someone at Ravelry has found or recreated it at this point.
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An interesting article about how unused fleece from alpacas is being used to help clean up the oil spill in the gulf. Alpacas - Not just feeding knitting addiction anymore.

Speaking of knitting...I have this awesomesauce Malabrigo and for the life of me I can't figure out what I want to do with it. I know, totaly First World problem, but it's one of those things driving me nuts. I have five skeins so I feel like it's too much to just make a scarf and hat from. Plus the yarn deserves better than that since I rarely get to wear such things.

I'm thinking of doing another cardi like the one I'm making now. However, the thought of all those rows of stockinette again make me want to jab one of my needles in my eye. I'm also thinking of a lacework type stole, but I can't figure out one that I want to do. *sigh*

Anyway, pic of the yarn...


Pic of the current sweater...



Apr. 24th, 2010 12:57 pm
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So I'm definitely doing better than I was. I'm not hacking up a lung every 15 minutes anymore. My breathing still isn't quite back to normal yet though.

I went and got my hair colored this morning and between that and doing a bit of light shopping (yarn and the drugstore) I'm kinda wiped out for the day. Hopefully my stamina will return soonish. Especially since I'll be going back into work on Monday. I'm saving the rest of my shopping for tomorrow (mainly the comic book store and possibly a trip to the downtown library for some pics and family research).

I'll post pics of the hair and yarn tomorrow sometime. Both are nice. :) The hair is a coppery medium red. The yarn is Malabrigo "Black Forrest". I swore I wasn't going to yarn shop after my hair but they'd just gotten a new shipment of Malabrigo in and I couldn't resist. I am weak.

So off to hunt down Doctor Who and get some more reading and sun time in in the back yard. It's finally nice out again with some warmer temps.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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