Jan. 17th, 2012

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I went to start this post several times and kept distracting myself with other things.  I also have another post that I've been wanting to do talking about this amazing event I went to at the Skirball last week where the US Ambassador-at-large for Global Women's Issues was honored by Jewish World Watch.  I keep hesitating to make the posts though because I'm worried about whether I'll be coherent or interesting or...whatever. 

Maybe this is the downside to having so many smart, awesome friends.  My "witty repartee" never quite seems to measure up.

Anyhoo, as part of my whole resolution to be okay with failing, I'm forcing myself to make posts even when I don't think they're particularly eloquent.  While the Skirball event does deserve consideration and thought before putting it up, I thought I could at least share some squee. :)

Squee-the-first... New Nightwing and Supergirl issues come out tomorrow!  These are definitely my two favorite books of the DCnU at this point.  I really like how both of the stories are playing out.  While a few of the other titles have been a bit of a let down, I really do like the way these two have been handling the back-stories of the characters.

Squee-the-second...Downton Abbey Season 2 is airing on PBS now.  I've already seen the season, but it still makes me happy to watch again.  What makes me really happy is reading the live-tweets while it's airing.  Patton Oswalt is apparently a fan.  This is one of the shows I really need icons for.  I want many of Anna and Bates and of course the Dowager Countess. :)

Squee-the-third...REVENGE!!!  ZOMG  Still loving this show so much.  I'm endlessly impressed by the writer's ability to keep the mysteries and twists and turns from getting tedious.  Plus Emily (aka Amanda original recipe) is bad-ass and Nolan is AWESOME!

Squee-the-fourth...Suits will be airing starting today in the UK.  Even though I'm not in the UK, it makes me happy because I can squee with others about episodes!  I need lots of Donna icons for this show. :D

I haven't watched this week's Once Upon A Time or H50 yet, so I'll leave the squee there for the time being.

Feel free to squee along (or even share your own squee) and note that spoilers are possible in the comments. :D


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