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Since it's clearly all I can manage these days, yet more fannish babble...

NCIS:LA - There was a tweet about Chris O'Donnell being on the Craig Ferguson show tonight and how he talks about LL Cool J 'completing' him. How am I not supposed to slash G and Sam when they hand me stuff like that? Though, I'd be really happy if my brain would get with the program and finish the damn Gibbs/G fic that I'm a little over halfway done with. It's not that long of a fic and it's all in my head. My brain just refuses to actually let it free. *sigh*

SG:A - I'm still working my way though the episodes. I'm on "The Long Goodbye" right now and I'm liking Season 2 overall. I have to say that I'm enjoying watching the show on my lonesome. I'm far removed from fannish expectations and input. While I do enjoy fannish interaction much of the time, it's not really helping my mental stability these days. The problem comes in now that I'm craving fic. I know where the archives and lists are, so that's not the problem. The problem is that my brain gets *extremely* picky about fic and characterization. I confess, I'm a McShep girl. As much as I'd like to fight it, I dig these two guys. With fic though, I get really set on the characterization that's satisfying for me. I'm just not sure how to articulate what I'm looking for to even ask for recommendations. I just know I want plotty right now. *sigh* It's totally going to be a case of hit and miss hunting.

Also? There needs to be more Caldwell love in the fandom. It's Mitch Pileggi! There should be oodles of fic about him, no matter the character. Can I make some sort of law about that?

On the good non-fannish side: DISNEYLAND ON FRIDAY!!!! I'm doing some Mouse Therapy to de-stress from the sucky job.
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I now get to go through my flist and look at the kajillion SG:A fics that I passed by when I wasn't in the fandom. *g*
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So I mentioned that I was duped by Canadian wiliness and trickery into watching SG:A again...right?

So I'm watching "The Eye" right now and...Oh my goodness is John Sheppard hot in this, or what? *cough* Um...yeah. I may be looking for fic recs soon.

I may also need many many iconses.


Sep. 10th, 2009 04:24 pm
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Just remembered another happy making thing. There should be SGA DVDs sitting on my porch right this very moment. Yaaaayyyy.


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