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Had the crappiest day at work. We have this massive company-wide project going on that pretty much takes all the company resources. We also have execs who keep dreaming up MORE company-wide projects to use the same resources in the same time period. Ugh.

On the good side though, it is the weekend. I have booze. I have Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza (Danno would be appalled). I have access to H-50 episodes, fic and WoW. :)

Speaking of H-50, anyone know if there's a definite age for Danny or not? Or a ballpark? I know we've been given enough info on Steve to do the calculation for him, but I wasn't sure for Danny.
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Something happened last weekend with my family that bothered me more than it should have (nothing bad, but it was annoying) and it's put me in a bit of a funk for the week. I'm letting other stuff bother me way too much.

So...in order to extricate myself from the funk, I'm going to try and avoid rage-making stuff for a bit and focus on happy making stuff.

1) I'm looking for an apartment. I've found several near my work and they're all MUCH cheaper than what I'm paying in rent now. Looking at my finances etc...I'm looking at a November 1st move date at the moment. Any encouragement not to chicken out on this would be most welcome. (And encouragement to stay in budget while accumulating moving costs.)

2) I'm going to a preview of "NCIS LA" with my friend tomorrow evening. They're also showing a couple of other new CBS shows as well. I'm excited both for the evening out and getting a peek at the new show.

3) NCIS Casting Spoiler )

4) GLEE...This show rocks sooooo hard. It makes me happy in a way that I haven't been happy about a show in awhile. I want to hug it.
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My external hard drive just stopped working.  My laptop won't recognize it anymore. My entire iTunes library and tons of media stuff is on there.

Yeah.  I'll be over there in that corner.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 07:31 pm
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I hate going back to work after being sick. I feel like I was hit by a truck. I wanted to stay up watching new Chuck and Heroes but I'm so not going to make it. I just want to crawl into the comfiest bed ever.

Of the squeeful though? There are promo pics coming out for upcoming eps of NCIS (specifically "Bounce" and "South by Southwest"). OMG!!! Can't wait to see these episodes!!!!! Minor spoiler for South by Southwest )

Ahem. I'm hoping these episodes live up to their potential. If they do, this season is going to finish off AWESOME.
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So our IT department has the balls to ask people to come in for meetings during everyone's vacation time (we're shut down for two weeks) because they didn't want to admit they're behind. It's turned into a whole pissing match with the upper folks. UGH!

Also? I've been half-watching the NCIS Marathon that's on USA right now and I'm getting retroactively pissed at the early episodes from last season. There are some shows that I can watch later on after the fannish furor has died down and I enjoy them a bit more. These episodes are not amongst those. The way Tony got treated and what a huge ass Gibbs was in various parts...GAH!

Someone had done a post to Fandom!Secrets awhile back about how they dislike Gibbs as a character because he's never wrong. I think it's less that he's never wrong and more that he never has to admit it. It irritates me too sometimes. I get the same annoyance from Mac from CSI:NY every once in awhile too.

Anyway. Waiting out another 15 minutes and then I get to go clean and pack. I want booze.
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I had a very mixed day today.

My project keeps imploding into eleventy billion pieces and nobody seems to want to acknowledge that there are other projects on the same schedule as mine that are in far worse shape. We became the poster child for wrongness somehow.

Also? I'm supposed to work from home tomorrow but managed to leave my keys on my desk at work when I left tonight. *sigh* This means I have to go back in tomorrow anyway.

On the upside? I got a nice bottle of wine in the white elephant gift exchange. There was BEYOND yummy tri-tip at the same exchange. And when I finally got home from work? Kermit the Frog and Jesse L. Martin were singing together on my TV!


Dec. 15th, 2008 08:20 pm
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I think I may be getting sick. This sucks. I can't take any time off of work leading up to the holiday so I have to suck it up.

*pouts* I'm going to drink tea with liberal amounts of Amaretto and head to bed.
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So apparently John Barrowman is doing a book presentation and signing in West Hollywood on July 23rd.

Why yes, that would be the same day that I'm going down to San Diego for Comic Con. *pout* He'll be like 2 miles from my house dammit!
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Mondays should be abolished.   They never start out well for me and today just seems to be getting worse.

I didn't get to sleep until 2:15 or something. I totally wasn't watching Netflix DVDs and Charmed episodes...nope So I woke up a bit later than I should have.  Since I was operating on 5 hours of sleep, it took me three times as long to pick an outfit that didn't look like I was dressed by Flavor Flav.  I got ready to go and realized that the stuff I was taking with me was too heavy for the purse I was using so I decided to switch to my backpack.  *sigh*

I'm sitting at work with no credit cards, no atm card, no cash, the crap back-up earphones for my iPod and no cough drops.  (And as a girly side-note, the sunglasses I have totally don't match my outfit.  I know this is a small thing, but those of you who know me IRL know that this is an issue.)

On the up side of things I did remember my bus pass and I realized I had no cash or plastic *before* ordering my morning Starbucks.  A kind co-worker has taken pity on me and loaned me twenty bucks for lunch.  Thank God.  I don't think I could have stomached the stale crackers in my desk.  I'm frightened that I can't really remember when I actually bought them.


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