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Here's a link to the first batch of Day 4 pics. I took 669 pictures today alone. It's going to take me awhile to get through them all.

Lots of John (you're shocked, I know), and there will be more of David upcoming.


Jul. 8th, 2009 09:28 pm
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These Torchwood eps can't keep getting more exciting. I'll never survive the fifth episode!
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OMG!!! Bloody brilliant. I've loved absolutely everyone in it so far and the story is just great.

I'm holding off on doing a whole meta post until it's over, but so far I am quite the happy camper.
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Surviving today has been a big accomplishment.  Surviving it without killing any of my co-workers?  A complete miracle.  Mondays.  BAH!

I am now charging my phone, then I shall leave work (hopefully to work from home tomorrow), read on the way home to destress (I take the bus, don't worry), *ahem* TW: COE once I get home, do some laundry and very possibly drink a LOT of alcohol.

I'm liking this plan.
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So BBC America is starting showing Torchwood again tonight at the first episode. I'm wondering how this fits into when they might be showing Season 3. Has anyone heard any concrete dates yet? I'm really hoping that they're not running through the entire first season before they get to it. That's 3 months!
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If you were in trouble or ran afoul of the law, which fictional detective or investigator - from TV, movies or books - would you want to help you?

Depends on the nature of the trouble.

If I needed someone's ass kicked: Gibbs, no doubt whatsoever.

Wrongly accused of murder: Tony DiNozzo. Tony would know what I was going through (from multiple personal experiences), plus he's a great investigator and we would totally makeout afterwards. *nods*

Aliens try to abduct me: Walter Skinner. Umm...yeah. He can just show up for no reason at all. Aliens, bees, hangnail, whatever.

Aliens try to shag me: Captain Jack Harkness. I know he's not really a detective or law enforcement, but c'mon.

For all of the above I would want Stella Bonasera and Abby Sciutto processing the evidence. They're awesome at it and they look way hot while doing their jobs.
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*ahem* You may continue with your day now.
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Because I'm too pissed at work to talk about anything of substance for the moment...I give you this rec.

[personal profile] ximeria wrote "Aces High" a Jack/Ianto fic for a porn battle.   Given the fact that I mentioned it was for a porn battle, do I need to state that it's porn??

Also?  I love my new default icon.  Anyone want to write me a Ianto fic where it's him in just the Wings????????????? 

ETA: I've also started a GDL group on Flickr.  I felt bad that John had one and he didn't. :*( Those of you with Gareth and Ianto pics...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE please feel free to join. :D
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People need to stop being asshats.  Seriously.  

Fandom related asshattery

1) If someone takes the time (and extreme patience) to calmly point out that something in your fic may be offensive to a group of people?  It doesn't mean that they're kicking your puppy or calling you a racist bastard and the appropriate response isn't ZOMG! UR SO MEEEEEEEEN!  Maybe say, "Thanks.  I wasn't aware of that."  or  "Thanks.  I was aware of that, but chose to include it anyway but maybe next time I'll include something in the Warnings or A/N as a heads up for folks."  If not?  Don't be surprised if folks call you on your douchery.

2) Not all people born before 1960 are racists.  No.  Really.  It's true.  Yes there were words that were considered 'more acceptable' in certain segments of society, but the people using them were still using an inherently racist term to degrade a group people and there were MANY people who knew better.

Work related asshattery

3) I do not respond well to being micro managed by someone who isn't even part of my fucking reporting structure.  I felt that when I stated (TWICE) that we would be conducting the meeting online, there was an implicit understanding that we would have a laptop in the room with us to conduct the meeting.  Sorry, my super sparkly powers don't extend to producing the internet out of my ass.

World related asshattery

4) Please people, for the love of Bob stop referring to Obama and Clinton as "The Black Candidate" and "The Female Candidate".  When I see groups like NOW bitching about Ted Kennedy being anti-woman by supporting Obama instead of Clinton, it makes me twitchy and rageful.  Clinton's gender has no bearing on her qualifications for good or bad.  It's just demeaning to assume otherwise.  In otherwords, choosing someone just because of their race or gender is just as stupid as *not* choosing them because of those factors.


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There's an update to the Captain's Log on the BBC America: Torchwood site for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

I love having the little extras that go along with the episodes (even if we don't get as many as the UK site...grrrr).  One of the great things in this one

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EEEEEEE!!! New TW tonight when I get home.  

This *almost* makes up for my crappy week so far.

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For those of you who don't watch Torchwood, I apologize. This LJ is going to be pretty much taken over by the subject for the next few weeks or so. It doesn't help that BBC keeps releasing clips and snippets and spoilers. EEEEEEEEEEE

There's a YouTube of the latest clip from BBC America under the cut with more spoilery, squeeing goodness. Umm...sorry.

Read more... )

As a side note, I'm looking for a cap of JB (either as Jack or not) to do an icon that says "Better than Buffy" on it. Those who've read the interviews with James Marsters know what I'm referring to.
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New clip for Ep1 of Series 2 of Torchwood is up here.  Obviously the link is spoilerific.

Umm...I'm never going to freakin' survive the rest of January at this rate!

Uh oh...

Jan. 1st, 2008 02:55 pm
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Those of you on my flist who are on Ravelry, did you warn me how time sucking it could be?? If so, why did I not listen to you?

I forsee much distraction of the yarn variety in the coming year.

Also? Happy New Year to everyone. Mine is starting off well so far. I'm getting things organized and accomplished, which feels really good. Next, I will be attempting to assemble my new TV stand. We'll see how that one goes.

Finally? 3 1/2 weeks until new Torchwood here in the States!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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Torchwood Season 2 Promo from BBC America is up on Youtube!


I'm never going to be able to wait for the end of January!

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I belive that my squee has been broken and burnt out.

There's an early review of Torchwood Season 2 Episode 1 here.   Clearly there are spoilers there.  More behind the cut and in the comments.


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