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I'm watching the "Bad Wolf" episode of Doctor Who and wondering who would win in a "I make this look good" smug off...Captain Jack or Harvey Specter?

It's also possible Harvey Specter has taken over my brain.  Okay, more than possible.
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BBCAmerica has a 'Captain's Blog' that's ongoing for Torchwood. It's basically Jack's status reports. It's kind of a cool addition to the episodes.

My favorite part though? The last part of the entry from this past week's episode "They Keep Killing Suzie"... 

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Anyone (namely me) who *voluntarily* signs up to do a panel that deals with timelines for Doctor Who/Torchwood and Captain Jack? Should really have their head examined.

I need Advil. Or Retcon.
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Spoilerish pictures of Jack here.

Umm...I'll be in my bunk!
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Spoilers (duh) for DW through "Sound of Drums", the trailer for "The Last of the Time Lords" and all of Torchwood

I am a happy happy and now impatient fangirl. )
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In just over 24 hours YOU KNOW WHO IS BACK!!!

EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  So excited.

Um...must get back to work now.
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I had a huge giggle on the way to work this morning.

I was on Ventura Blvd waiting and looked at a car across the street.  It was Ducky (Illya to some of you folk)!  He was rocking out to whatever music he was listening to.  He also has great vanity plates (which I won't put here, but you'd definitely know it was him by looking at them).

What's really funny is when I was watching the last part of NCIS last night (I haven't seen the whole ep yet) I was thinking that there really needs to be a fic gen or maybe even slash with Ducky and Captain Jack.  I think it was the fact that Ducky was wearing braces that put the idea in my head.

Yes, as a matter of fact, everything does come back to Captain Jack and Torchwood these days.


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