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Name:Use my SPACE NAME!
Birthdate:Jun 5
Location:California, United States of America
So with September comes time to update my bio again.

First the boring stuff:

Friending/Subscription/Access: Don't feel that you need to ask me to friend or subscribe to my journal. Know that I won't necessarily reciprocate right away. I leave my fic and 99.9% of my fannish stuff outside of a lock, so don't feel like you're missing much other than me bitching about work stuff. I'm just trying to simplify things at the moment and am trying to cut down on my reading material.

Adult concepts: There will be discussions of an adult nature on this journal. Please keep that in mind before following me.

Now for the fun stuff...


While I've been involved in the NCIS fandom for many years now, I'm taking a step back. I'm just not a big fan of the direction of the show or even most of the characters at the moment. I'll probably poke my head back in from time to time or if the writing improves greatly in the 8th season, but I'm stepping out for now.

What I am enjoying right now...DC Comics!! I would list out all the characters I'm interested in currently, but the list grows each week.

I will say that I'm more interested in the Bat Family than Bruce's Batman right now, but I think that may change now that Bruce is coming back.

Similarly, I'm finding myself drawn to the clan?, instead of Superman himself. It's not that I dislike those characters, I just find myself drawn to the supporting ones at the moment.

I don't have any hard and fast OTPs in DC. I'll read het, slash, whatever... Tim/Conner is about the closest I have to a main pairing, but I'll read them with others as well.

Other than that, I'll flit in and out of shows and fandoms, wax nostalgic about shows like SG-1 or X-Files or even my long lost days reading Marvel. :)
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