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At the airport right now waiting to head back to L.A. Had a great time in Vancouver, as always. Waaaay too early in the morning though.

I successfully pimped [livejournal.com profile] tartary_lamb into "Revenge" and she returned the favor with "Downton Abbey". Yay for fannish pimping!

The weather was gorgeous the whole time, but I saw it was hailing back home. Sorry, apparently I took the sunshine with me.

In my never-ending quest to stay in Canada, I forgot my passport at [livejournal.com profile] tartary_lamb and [livejournal.com profile] crimsonquills place and had to go back from the airport to get it. Someone in the cosmos loves me because [livejournal.com profile] crimsonquills randomly woke up and checked her phone and was able to let me in. Yay for making my flight in time and no change fees. Boo for having to actually leave. This does mean that the two of them are never allowed to live more than 10 minutes from the airport.

So now I am loading "Once Upon A Time" onto my iPad for the flight and grateful there's free wi-fi and a close Starbucks at YVR.

Hope everyone else is having a good Monday.

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Nov. 4th, 2011 09:18 pm
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I'm in Vancouver for the weekend visiting friends.

I went to Van Dusen Gardens and took LOTS of pics of the changing of the leaves.

Van Dusen 12

Here's the link to the full set on my Flickr account.

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I'm trying not to be all emo about the announcements (and lack of announcements in some cases) that keep coming out for the DC comics reboot retcon SPARKLY FUNTIME RELAUNCH.  I must think of other things to keep from getting ragey and bitter at the moment.

First, I had a great time in Vancouver as always.  I was treated well and indulged for my birthday. :)  The weather was awesome (sunny and 70s all weekend), the people were awesome (Starbucks girl gave me a free Frapp when I mentioned it was my b-day), the hanging out was awesome.  I'd label it as 100% awesome aside from the minor hiccup of the Canucks whooping last night.  Yeesh!  [livejournal.com profile] tartary_lamb and I determined I was wearing the *wrong* Canucks shirt during the game.  Even though it's cute, it clearly didn't have the proper game mojo.

Second, I know I mentioned the squee in my previous post but X-Men: First Class was AWESOME!!!

Cut for mostly flailing but some spoilerish talk. )

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This was actually going to be a "I'm going to sit and bitch about work and fannish stuff and you're going to like it!" post, but I've decided to just post happy things instead.

- I have new bookshelves arriving soon.  I'm redecorating and they are the next step in my master plan of awesome.
- I have new yarn.  I got my hair done on Sunday and the yarn store is next door.  It's really a no win situation.
- I'll be heading up to Vancouver in a week and a half for my birthday. SQUEE!
- I will be able to gorge myself on sushi and WoW and comic books and yarn!
- There's an excellent chance that the Canucks will be finishing or have won the Stanley Cup when I get there!! SQUEEE!
- There will be booze consumption, TCBY and movies in various quantities.
- I can force feed help catch certain folks up on H50 episodes for the rest of the season which they have not viewed yet.

Wow.  Vancouver is going to be a busy 4 days!

Speaking of 50-ish stuff...I'm going to be putting up a poll (now with ticky boxes) later to gauge the interest in Fan Awards for 5-0 and if folks would like to participate. 


Aug. 16th, 2010 09:23 am
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So I'm back from the hot box that was Vancouver.  In spite of the heat, I still had a lovely time hanging out with [personal profile] crimsonquills and [livejournal.com profile] tartary_lamb .  Got to spend some time in Victoria and lots of time squeeing over comics and such.  I also acquired the two cutest plushies in the history of everything ever...

Some shots of the plushies visiting Victoria:

Flash was a bit harder to capture. :)

So now that I'm back today I'm working from home and will be taking a stab at the comment fic prompts from this post.  I'll do a separate post with links to the responses once I've started posting them.

OH! In actual news you might be interested in...The NCIS Awards Winners are up.  Go. Look. Applaud!

ETA: Almost forgot to share...guess who was on my flight back from Vancouver last night?  I'll give you a hint, imagine my icon with a bit less scruff on him and his tongue not out. :)  Yes!  Michael Weatherly and his GORGEOUS wife were on my flight.  I had to force myself not to stop and just stare as I was walking through first class.

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One week from now I'll be in line for panels at Comic Con.  Four weeks from now I'll be in Vancouver!  A couple days after I get back from Van, I'm going to Disneyland.  BWEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
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So another week and a half and I'll be at Comic Con with 125,000 of my closest (at least physical proximity-wise at that point) friends.  Oh, and look who will be joining us!  Because clearly going all the way to San Diego for a 45 minute protest is a better use of one's time than reading comic books.  Yeah.  I don't get it either.

The Thursday and Friday schedules are now posted for the con.  Thursday is looking like a pretty DC focused day for me panel-wise.  The only one that's *really* tempting me at the moment on Friday is "The Big Bang Theory" panel, but the thought of having to sit through the other panels to get a seat for that one is less than enticing.  I'll probably wait until the full schedule is out before I start plotting out my days.  For those who've never been, it's a bit like plotting out troop movements.  There was a guy on Twitter who said that he had an easier time trying to get his optimal schedule Freshman year of college.

For the exhibit hall I have a list of trades and individual comics that I'm on the hunt for.  I'm hoping to hit the best dealers early in the con.  I'm also pondering getting a sketch by either Francis Manapul or Mike Choi.  The problem is that neither of them are the artists that I really want. The ones I *really* want are Marcus To and Ethan Van Sciver neither of whom are listed for Artist's Alley this year.  *pout*

In non-Comic Con related stuff, I just finished reading Shutter Island. I won't go into the plot here, but I did like it even though I figured out part of the "twist" fairly early on.  If anyone has read it and wants to chat about it, let me know and I'll set up a separate post so we don't spoil anyone.

I'm now on to reading The Passage by Justin Cronin.  I'm only a little ways in, but I'm really liking it so far.  I should state that I got this book based solely on the fact that Stephen King gushed about it.  That said, it's quite a bit like The Stand (though sadly without Stu Redmond or an awesome feather-mullet rocking Randall Flagg) so far, which I loved.  And now that I've thought about The Stand I'll have "Don't Fear the Reaper" and "Don't Dream it's Over" running through my head over and over again.

And finally, in August I'm planning a quick trip up to Vancouver (yay!) and then right after I get back I'll be going to Disneyland (double-yay!).  So this is shaping up to be a good couple of months. :D

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Fair warning that this will be somewhat pic intensive. Anyone on dial-up is going to want to skip.

Read more... )

Wished I could have stayed longer and that I didn't have to come back to L.A. Sadly, either my work or Canadian Immigration would have hunted me down.
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I am sadly back at work today after spending an AMAZINGLY lovely weekend in Vancouver with [personal profile] tartary_lamb.

I'll be doing a pictorial about my weekend after I get home from work tonight. Sadly, the pictorial will also have a dark smudge on some of the pics. There's evidently a spot on the lense of my camera. This makes me not happy. I'm debating on whether it's worth having a place look at my 'okay' point and shoot. I'm considering just saving my pennies for an SLR instead. So irritated by this. I need a camera before Comic Con in July!!!!

A big 'thanks' to those of you who have shown your support for the LJ [profile] ncis_awards. I've had quite a few nominations come in for the Gen category over the past day and a half. I'll be spending a good chunk of tonight and tomorrow night contacting the authors. KEEP EM COMING!!


May. 22nd, 2009 02:57 pm
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Getting ready to get all cleaned up and then head for the airport (after one last freak out about whether I've forgotten to pack anything...I realize that I'm going to Vancouver and not Outer-Slobovia, I worry anyway).

I'll be connected for the weekend, but [personal profile] tartary_lamb and I will be engaged in fannish stuff as well so not sure how much I'll actually be around.

As a side note, a few months back I got back in touch with my BFF from high school on Facebook. We're both turning 39 in the next couple of weeks and we were thinking about how the time has flown since we were 15, riding around in her sister's Pinto and trying to remember the damn combination to our locker in the Science building.

Not sure if I feel old, or that my age just seems weird.


May. 13th, 2009 03:46 pm
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[personal profile] tartary_lamb just made me realize that in just over a week I will be in Canada once again. YIPPEE!!!


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