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Instead of stalking Nathan Fillion by Twitter invitation (he's hanging at the B&N near my house after watching the Dancing With The Stars taping) I'm just getting home and having to work for the evening. Because PEOPLE ARE STUPID. BAH!

In better news, the Angels won and the Dodgers are sucking slightly less tonight.
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I'm not sure if I'm appalled, pissed, surprised or just plain sad about the number of entertainment folks who are either implicitly or explicitly supporting Roman Polanski. There have been those who want to clarify that it wasn't "real" rape. *Just* statutory rape.

Umm...no. He coerced a 13 year old girl into sex. He got her drunk and gave her drugs and then because she wasn't on the pill he told her that he was going to 'go in through the back'.

She said no.

She was 13.

Which brings me back to the whole idea that as long as he didn't hold a knife to her throat and threaten her, that it wasn't 'real' rape. He was a man in his 340s. She was 13. This isn't some grey area where a 20 year old guy got caught with his soon to be 17 year old girlfriend.

The fact that there are folks out there trying to mitigate his actions or lessen the severity of his crime because he's creative and artistic is just beyond reprehensible.

And while I'm at it...I live in a town that over-saturates pretty much any entertainment story it can get its hands on. This one? Not so much. Instead they'd rather cover Jon and Kate. Ick people.
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All GOP Ohio Supreme Court rules breast feeding unconnected to pregnancy.

I have no words for the stupidity and rage on this one. Clearly Isotoner gloves (and any of their other products) are off my Christmas/Shopping lists from here on out.


May. 3rd, 2009 02:23 pm
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I had a whole post composed on how Gibbs turns his protegees into fuck-buddies, but I ended up getting too ranty even for myself in parts.  (Seriously though, his partners have all been exceedingly hot and Jenny can't be the only one he was hitting the sheets with.)

So to distract myself from my crankypants, I'm off to watch West Wing episodes and make screencaps of a very pretty Mark Harmon.  PWHOAR!

(I was going to go see Wolverine this afternoon, but my friend bailed.  So I'll be seeing it this week instead.)
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First, amazon rank.

For those who haven't seen yet, Amazon has changed their policy on what books they will include sales ranking on. They've removed the rankings on LGBT books under the guise that they don't want 'Adult' books showing up on the Best Seller listings. The big problem here is that there are het books with equivalent content that they've left alone.

ETA: L.A. Times Blog has picked up the story about the Amazon Fail. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/jacketcopy/2009/04/amazon-deranks-gayfriendly-books-the-twitterverse-notices.html

Second...Someone posted a poll to one of the NCIS comms (I'm not going to link because it's not my intention to drive people there to respond or anything) where she asked people to rate their favorite characters, seasons and who they ship.

Under the pairings she didn't include any slash pairings and when asked why she stated that she was trying to stick with canon, not fanon. I have issues with that response. We have never seen any canon that supports Tony/Kate, but that's listed as an option.

I don't think the poster meant anything maliciously or was being intentionally exclusive, however I would have preferred if her answer had been, "These are the couples I posted because they were the couples I wanted to see responses for" than using non-existent canon as an excuse.

I'm tempted to post an alternate poll that includes slash pairings, but that seems more than a bit passive aggressive.

Thirdly...I watched the Doctor Who Easter special. No spoilers but...YAY! Every time I see MR in something I think I fall a little more in lust with her. HUMINA!
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I've been a slash reader (and on the rarest of ocassions, writer) for about 6 years now.  A drop in the bucket of fandom compared to some, but enought time to have seen many anti-slash posts, essays, rants, etc...  I've seen a few recently though that have a similar theme.  "I'm not a homophobe but I don't like slash and people keep opressing me by writing it!"  I may be paraphrasing a bit here, but that's the jist.
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