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So I'm going to a Halloween thing at Disneyland next month (they shut the park down to regular guests and do a party complete with Trick or Treating for the evening) with my boss and a friend from work.  I'm pondering dressing up for it, but for the life of me I can't figure out what to wear.  My costume from last year (Snow White Trash) won't really work for this.  I'm pondering getting a costume, but I don't want to spend a fortune on something I'll never wear again.

Any suggestions oh flist?  Keep in mind that it has to be "kid friendly" and I'm nowhere near a size 2 (or even 10).

In other news:  JUST OVER 24 HOURS UNTIL NEW HAWAII 5-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'd be excited just for the premiere but the fact that Terry O'Q is in it makes it even more exciting.  I'm planning on going Social Media dark at about 6:00 my time tomorrow night to avoid spoilery stuff.  It's not that I mind plot spoilers so much, I'd just rather watch it and be able to view it without having the opinions of others in my head yet.

Not sure how I'm going to avoid the NCIS talk for Tuesday since Canada is apparently getting it a day early.  (Whatever Canadians...).  I'm more looking forward to NCIS:LA anyway.

Yay Fall Season!!!!
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After the preview for next week's Hawaii Five-O and tonight's NCIS, I'm convinced that the writers for both show have finally hit the good stash of fanfic.  *flaily arms!*
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Squee #1 - One of the perks of watching the Royal Wedding coverage on BBC America (Go ahead, judge away. I loved it.) is getting the Doctor Who advertisements with the Mark Sheppard voice overs.  I could listen to that man forever.  SERIOUSLY!

Squee #1.5 - NEW WHO TONIGHT!!

Squee #2 - New Hawaii Five-O on Monday.  There's a sneak peak from Youtube at [livejournal.com profile] bluespirit_star 's LJ here. Spoilery obviously but OMG I totally squeaked.  I'm also excited about the guest star because I'm having total 80's flashbacks.

Squee #3 - [livejournal.com profile] pfyre has kindly put up scans from this week's TV Guide which features Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly.  The pics and article are definitely worth the look

Son of Squee #3 - In the intro to the article a comment is made about the Mark/Michael-Gibbs/Tony "bromance".  This reminded me of Alex O'Loughlin's comment about he and Scott being the "bromance of the decade" as Steve and Danny.  This led me to thinking there should be some sort of "tourney" or "death match" for all the "bromance" pairings.

Would anyone be interested in this?  I'd be happy to host.  I'd start by soliciting the various couples from folks throughout fandom, then move on to the bracketing.  Thoughts?

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I went to The Grove today for a special Extra was shooting with the NCIS cast.  I took a bunch of pics and thought I'd share. :)

I'm fine with people grabbing to use for icons or graphics, but please let me know if you're taking them.  I like to know where my babies end up.


The rest are here.

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So I've spent the last week squeeing and hanging out with various fangirls (and a couple of their hubbys) in Washington D.C. It was chilly, I started off with a cold but I still had an AMAZING time.

I'll be doing a full post with pics later once I've gone through my 1,000 plus work emails and have time to do some quick edits on the pics.

Hope everyone else is having a good week. :)
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Howdy there. Remember me? Yes, I'm still alive. Been hanging out mostly on Twitter these days. There's something slightly appealing of not being expected to write more than one or two sentences at a time.

I am finally getting to the place where I'm feeling a bit more broadly social again though and thought I'd check in here to see if anyone was still hanging around. :)

What I've been doing these days...World of Warcraft, reading, work, rinse, repeat. More work than anything else today. I actually had to sit on an 8 hour conference call. They needed me for literally the last 20 minutes of the call. Yeah. That was totally worth it. And the really fun part is I get to do it all over again tomorrow! Umm...my meter may be stuck on sarcasm at the moment.

Fannishly I'm still watching the BROMANCE that is Hawaii 5-0. Steve and Danny are just beyond cute and beyond married. I think they may actually out "married couple" Sam and G. *g* I want to know what would happen if the four of them ever went to couples therapy.

Sam and Steve would bond over their days as SEALs while G and Danny would bond over how difficult their "husbands" could be. :D

Other fannishly, I watched NCIS tonight for the first time in awhile. I can't even begin to say how worth it it was. I will say that this is now a heavy contender with "Call of Silence" as best episode ever on my list. It was also more than a bit reminiscent of that ep as well.

Cut for spoilery talk of Recruited )
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Title: Uniform Porn (Sorry, was the best I could come up with)
Author: Webbgirl
Rating: R
Category: PWP, Slight Crack
Genre: Slash
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never was, never will be. No money has changed hands.
Spoilers: None
Summary: Who doesn't love a man in uniform? Certainly not Tony.
A/N: First fic in awhile. It's just over 1,000 words so nothing huge. I'm just hoping people don't throw rocks at me at this point. :)

Read more... )
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Worked from home today and got some stuff done around the house. Looks like I might be working from home tomorrow too.

I'm hoping to actually be more productive over the next several days. I'm in one of those headspaces right now where I want everything in my life to be organized but I'm a bit overwhelmed where to start as usual. *sigh* Trying not to panic and just deal with one thing at a time.

In the fun category, had a lovely conversation on Twitter with [personal profile] tejas, [personal profile] taylorgibbs, [profile] xanthelj and others about how the producers of NCIS should really produce a set of anatomically correct NCIS action figures. Action!Tony would come dressed in leather and Action!Gibbs would come with a whip and paddle. Action!Abby would come with a camcorder. :) We also discussed all the expansion sets they could sell along with the figures. It was really kinda awesome and I can guarantee there would be a market for these action figures.

Other fun category is more about comics. This week I picked up "Brightest Day" #1 along with several "Red Robin"s and a few others. While I really loved "Brightest Day", my absolute favorite issue that I picked up this week was last week's "The Brave and the Bold" with Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Batgirl. It was wrtitten by J. Michael Straczynski and the art was by Cliff Chiang. Before I talk about the issue itself (behind a cut) I just want to recommend this issue to anyone who reads comics. It was so beautifully done and was such a great story with these three characters. If you're planning on picking up the issue, PLEASE DON'T read behind the cut.

Cut for MAJOR spoilers in the issue. )

I have to say that I'm pondering picking up Wonder Woman now that JMS will be writing it. I'm definitely picking up the new "Birds of Prey" series that Gail Simone is writing. I think the first issue is next week. As much as I love my slashy superhero guys, I'm really wanting to read some titles with strong women as well as the male titles.

I'll do a review of "Brightest Day" #1 tomorrow, but suffice it to say that I'm digging on Aquaman now!


May. 4th, 2010 08:49 pm
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Howdy...still alive.

Watching NCIS right now. No spoilers but I have mixed feelings about tonight's episode. I'll have to think through my thoughts on this one and whether I actually like it or not.

In other news, I'm still quite happily sucked into Green Lantern obsession. As such GRABBY HANDS!!! WANT! I keep telling myself that I should wait until Comic Con to get stuff, but even my boss told me I should cave and get this now.

I'll make my decision when I'm at the comic book store tomorrow picking up "Brightest Day" #1. As I've told [personal profile] crimsonquills I'm sooo screwed for Comic Con. On the upside, Marvel has managed to cure me of wanting to read any X titles for awhile. Won't go into details in case anyone doesn't want to be spoiled for "Second Coming" but FFFFFFUUUUUUU Marvel!

Okay, back to NCIS and then LOST. Yay!
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I don't think there will ever be a time when the final scene in "Heartland" doesn't make me at least a little weepy. *sniff*
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So I have a new default icon. After I made it though, I thought of something. Now that Mark Harmon is Superman in the new animated Justice League movie (which is actually pretty good and totally making me ship Supes with Lex and not just because Chris Noth is the voice of Lex and naked in a scene) the sightline could also be seen as him using his heat vision. YOWCH!

ETA: Okay, after a Twitter convo with [livejournal.com profile] jades_shadow I totally want an animated feature with Mark Harmon as Batman and Michael Weatherly as Nightwing. Barring this, I want a crack fic that accomplishes this! Tony is so Nightwing to Gibbs' Batman it isn't even funny.
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Yesterday was a suck day emotionally. I kept trying to bully myself out of it, but that failed pretty spectacularly. I will say that all the lovely comments on the pics I took helped. I know it's pretty much impossible to make those subjects look bad, but still...:D Thanks!

Gibbs has pulled quite a bit ahead in the Fandom President Election! Let's keep up the momentum! Now that DC has legalized same-sex marriage I think we're ready for this first couple:

Tony would totally rock as the First Husband.

And now, to further brighten my mood today I'm off to take a shower in preparation of a day at Disneyland and Club 33. *flailyarms*
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So I have no clue when I'm going to have time to go through and actually clean up pictures from the Paley Center event. However, I've uploaded a bunch and thought I'd share. The quality is a bit meh on some because it was low light, I was 7 rows back and we weren't allowed to use flash.

Cut because I care )

The rest (there are just under a hundred right now) are here.

I've been trying to put together a report, but my brain is malfunctioning more than a bit today. Essentially...Mark Harmon - GUH!, Michael Weatherly - GUH!. Oh look...others.

Oh and there's going to be an NCIS board game coming out later this year. Apparently there are little versions of the cast. Michael had a pretty good idea of what some of us might do with these. *g* He also thought that his should be a Weeble so that it didn't fall down after the headslaps.*g* Cote thought it should be a bobble head. She then imitated the bobble head which was pretty hysterical.

I'll still possibly talk about "Mother's Day" a bit more after I watch it again.
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I got home from work quite a bit later than I thought I would tonight, so I haven't had a chance to really go through all the pics from the Paley Fest. I didn't want to leave folks hanging though, so here's a tease. *g*

Did I mention that most of them are with MH? )
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First the minor whine. Feel free to skip this paragraph and move on to the fannish stuff. My external HD refused to mount as of Saturday. (Not sure if it got into some sort of argument with the lappy, but they're no longer on speaking terms.) Anyway, my music library is on there, but that was salvageable through other back up means. My fic that I was working on...not so much. It was a short ficlet, but the whole thing irritated me so much that I haven't been able to start it again. I'm going to give it a shot today though.

On to the fannish stuff...

So I watched last night's NCIS and I can't really say that I hated it because that would indicate some sort of emotional response. I was fairly 'meh' about the whole thing.

Kinda spoilery talk about the ep )

NCIS:LA I liked. I'm going to do a re-watch today (I'm working from home since everyone took the day off but me) and then I might post my thoughts. I will say that Kensi had a line that I'd been waiting for and somehow knew she'd be the first one to say.

Aside from Veteran's Day, today is an important day for another reason. It's [livejournal.com profile] xanthelj's birthday. Apparently the naked Skinners and Tony's I sent her never arrived in her post. Guess I'll have to look around here and see if they're still hanging out. Maybe Gibbs and Mulder showed up to steal them first. :) So go wish her a happy happy and thank her for all the awesome porn she provides. :D

New GLEE tonight! Yay! All I can say is MORE PUCK!!!

Okay, back to work.
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Doing this one while watching tonight.

Cut for spoilers natch )
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Still probably standing back from the fandom for a bit, but I've decided to at least post my reactions here.

Stream of consciousness thoughts while the ep is happening. )
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First the pimping. There's an NCIS Anonymous Kink Meme going on right now. All of you NCIS writers go here and fic. Also submit some prompts!

Now for the warning. Any of you who are old enough to have seen the original Fame and liked it...DO NOT SEE THE NEW ONE! Even if you didn't like the original or haven't seen it. So sad. It was like a Disney Channel version of the movie or something.
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ncis spoilers )

NCIS:LA Spoilers )

I finally saw the preview for next week for NCIS:LA!!! I squeaked out loud and scared the dog!

MW Pics

Aug. 25th, 2009 11:09 pm
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I know, I'm spamming but I haven't posted in awhile so I figure I'm due.

I screen capped some of one of the DVD extras for NCIS. The pics are here.


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