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If you were in trouble or ran afoul of the law, which fictional detective or investigator - from TV, movies or books - would you want to help you?

Depends on the nature of the trouble.

If I needed someone's ass kicked: Gibbs, no doubt whatsoever.

Wrongly accused of murder: Tony DiNozzo. Tony would know what I was going through (from multiple personal experiences), plus he's a great investigator and we would totally makeout afterwards. *nods*

Aliens try to abduct me: Walter Skinner. Umm...yeah. He can just show up for no reason at all. Aliens, bees, hangnail, whatever.

Aliens try to shag me: Captain Jack Harkness. I know he's not really a detective or law enforcement, but c'mon.

For all of the above I would want Stella Bonasera and Abby Sciutto processing the evidence. They're awesome at it and they look way hot while doing their jobs.
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Fuck you very much. You ruin a perfectly good character. Assholes.
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So I had this CSI:NY ficlet in my brain.  It was all very clear and I was \o/ YAY! because I haven't actually commited much fic over the past year or so.  *sigh*  I should have known it wouldn't be that easy.  The ficlet has now grown to fic because, well frankly Don Flack has a LOT of issues at the moment.  It also went from gen to slash.  Apparently Danny can't keep his hands or come ons to himself.

So in order to feel like I'm actually productive (HA!), I'm posting the first part of the fic as kind of a prelude.  It really gets into none of Flack's issues and the flirting is only there if you squint.  Nevertheless...

Title: Slainte
Fandom: CSI:NY
Pairing/Characters: Flack/Danny
Rating: Let's just call it FRM for language and future boy-touching
Spoilers: Everything through Sweet 16 is fair game, but Charge of This Post and Consequences are the biggies.
Summary: In the end, it all comes down to trust.
Warnings: Just that it's not beta'd at the moment.  It was only supposed to be a ficlet dammit!
A/N: A big thank you for listening to me whine and giving sage advice goes out to Skrip and Nix.

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So, it's the change of the seasons here in L.A.  The television season.  This means that the various networks and studios plaster billboards and bus stops with ads for their new shows and their shiny shows.

I live a couple of blocks from CBS, so this means that the majority of billboards around my place are for CBS shows.  You may ask, "[personal profile] webbgirl, why do you feel compelled to share this information with your flist?"  I'll tell you.  The billboard across from the bus stop where I wait every morning?  GIANT CSI:Miami ad with Horatio staring straight down at me with his "Sunglasses of Justice" on.  

How am I supposed to concetrate and 'center' myself (no I don't really do that anyway) before work with him staring down like that?  I halfway expect the big voice of reassuring hotness to boom out any second. 

The only scenario which might be a bit more flaily and disconcerting would be if it were a CSI:NY ad with a giant Danny Messer staring down while wearing a wifebeater.  I'd pretty much explode after that one.  Hmmm...wonder if they have any for CSI:NY up.  

Damn.  Really need to do a Horatio icon.


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