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I still haven't watched last night's Hawaii Five-0, but the spoilers from the episode vomited themselves all over my Tumblr and Twitter feeds. 

As far as my thoughts on what happened in the episode and the reactions to it?  [livejournal.com profile] tailoredshirt articulates it so much better than I can here.

Summary: I long for the day when fandom-at-large demands well written females as strongly and loudly as they now ask for the removal of female characters.

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So I'm really enjoying re-watching "Suits" with the folks in the UK (I may also be re-watchign eps on my own as well).  I'm noticing little things I missed the first time.  Not surprising since [personal profile] crimsonquills [livejournal.com profile] tartary_lamb [personal profile] barometry and I did the whole season in almost one big gulp.  We watched the first 7 or so eps on New Years Eve.  Every time an episode would end, we'd all look around at each other to see if we should keep going. The answer kept being "Yes" until around 3 am.  We finished off the rest of the episodes once we were all up and mostly awake on New Years Day.  This, my friends, is the awesomeness of fandom.

Anyway, now that I'm re-watching and reading some fic, I actually had a dream with Harvey in it the other night.  I rarely dream about fannish stuff, so it was a lovely surprise. :D

Also in fannish stuff, I LOVED this week's "White Collar".  No spoilers from me, but it was fun and funny!  Afterwards I ended up reading a Harvey Specter/Neal Caffrey fic and GUH!! There need to be more cross-over fics with these shows!!!  Though I can see Harvey thinking that Neal might be a bad influence on Mike. :)

I keep thinking I need to go and hunt down new fannish icons for Suits and Downton Abbey, but I kind of want to make some myself first.  That may end up being my weekend project. 

H50 casting/character news that I will put behind a cut Spoilerphobes beware. )

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Lauren German takes lots of pics with her iPhone and posts them on Instagram.  Scott Caan is frequently one of her subjects.

I LOVE the one she just posted.  http://instagr.am/p/jX3NZ/  Was discussing on Twitter with [livejournal.com profile] taylorgibbs that it looks like a picture from Steve and Danny's wedding reception. :D

The only spoilers in the pics are sartorial ones and SO worth it.

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Putting this behind a cut for extremely spoiler-y talk of 2x15 and wishful thinking involving the major casting spoiler in 2x18.

What I'd really love to see... )
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I feel that someone needs to do a Hawaii Five-0/White Christmas fusion.  If for no other reason than it would make me ridiculously happy.  I am torn between Danny being Danny Kaye or Rosemary Clooney in this scenario though.
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I couldn't wait on the squee tonight so I'm watching it early. Spoilers ahoy...

Read more... )
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Once again, sharing my random thoughts as I watch tonight's Hawaii Five-0. :)

Hawaii Five-0 2.08 )

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I have a question for the Hawaii Five-0 fandom...what is it specifically about Lori Weston that has so many people in the fandom jumping on the wagon of deeming her a "Mary Sue"?

I can think of two instances (and only two) that would stick out for me in this regard.  The thing is, I can think of more than two for Steve and for Kono, but they don't get labeled as "Mary Sue".  So what is it with Lori?  Is it that she's the new girl?  Is it that she's the most convenient target?  Or is it something else in the character?

I'm not the biggest "RAH RAH" Lori fan, but I am saddened by the amount of vitrol that gets sent her way.  She comments on not liking her coffee topped off and suddenly she's somehow forcing herself on Steve in fandom's eyes.  Danny ponders about whether her outfit for Halloween was "slutty" and that's fine.  She dares to call him "Danno" as a retort (instead of "misogynist asshole" like I would have) and the fandom pitchforks, torches and fix-it fics come flying out.  Folks claiming that "Danno" is sacrosanct for Steve and Grace.  Um...when have we ever been told that on the show?  The closest we've come was Steve deciding to use a nickname that Danny and his daughter shared (against Danny's wishes) because he wanted to pull Danny's pigtails.  So is it that it's fine for Steve but not for Lori?

I agree that there are some issues going on in the new season.  White people galore, Steve and Danny being written as pod people, Kono being mostly absent, hugely touted but underutilized guest stars...again mostly white.

I guess what I'm getting to is, why is the character of Lori being treated as a cause of the issues of the new season, rather than yet another symptom of problematic writing which started before she even showed up?

And those who don't think she's being treated like the cause by many folk?  Go scroll through the LJs and Tweets where the terms "Bitch", "Bimbo", "Homeland Security Barbie" and "Skank".  I was saddened by the use of these terms on comms where in theory "character bashing" is not allowed. 

I just wish fandom could get past the "girls are icky" thing.


Oct. 28th, 2011 12:36 pm
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Because of [livejournal.com profile] leupagus I will be spending a chunk of this weekend watching Season 1 H50 and um...writing.  It's a hardship, I know.
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I LOVED tonight's Hawaii Five-0 episode.  I was prepared to be let down after the awesomeness of last week, but they totally delivered.

I was going to put a bunch of squeeful moments behind a cut and ramble about my love for the show.  Then I made the mistake of reading various tweets and LJ comments on the episode.

So here's the deal.  Not putting this behind a cut for a reason.  Not really spoilery, but if you're a spoiler-phobe feel free to walk on by or even defriend.  I'm good either way.

Tonight is when I figured out that fandom (especially slash fandom) as a whole may not be the place for me at all.  There's a new female character on H50.  Folks started hating on her before she even showed up.  Started worrying about how her presence was going to impact the show.  I knew that there'd be some backlash once she was on air, but I was hoping (stupidly) that people would give her a shot.

Instead, I got to read posts calling her a "bimbo" two minutes in (which, by the way lead to me putting one pro-author on my DO NOT READ list), comments about her wardrobe (she was unprofessional for wearing *gasp* high heels, a skirt and a blouse to a meeting) and comments about how she shouldn't be sitting with one of the characters.

I'm stating all this for more than just ranting purposes...If you have me friended (or circled or whatever) PLEASE READ: If you feel the need to bash on a female character for her clothing choices or just plain her mere existence?  PLEASE DEFRIEND ME AND I WILL HAPPILY DO THE SAME.  I have to deal with misogyny enough in day to day life.  I also sometimes am made to feel I have to either justify or modify my clothing choices based on the fact that yes, I have breasts.  I really don't need to deal with this shit in fandom.

You want to complain about writers setting shows, comics, books, etc up for the male gaze?  I'm right there with you.  You want to bash a female character because of her skirt?  NO.  There's a huge difference between having a discussion about male dominated media and bashing female characters.

So again, this is something that appeals to you?  The door is that way ======>

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So I'm going to a Halloween thing at Disneyland next month (they shut the park down to regular guests and do a party complete with Trick or Treating for the evening) with my boss and a friend from work.  I'm pondering dressing up for it, but for the life of me I can't figure out what to wear.  My costume from last year (Snow White Trash) won't really work for this.  I'm pondering getting a costume, but I don't want to spend a fortune on something I'll never wear again.

Any suggestions oh flist?  Keep in mind that it has to be "kid friendly" and I'm nowhere near a size 2 (or even 10).

In other news:  JUST OVER 24 HOURS UNTIL NEW HAWAII 5-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'd be excited just for the premiere but the fact that Terry O'Q is in it makes it even more exciting.  I'm planning on going Social Media dark at about 6:00 my time tomorrow night to avoid spoilery stuff.  It's not that I mind plot spoilers so much, I'd just rather watch it and be able to view it without having the opinions of others in my head yet.

Not sure how I'm going to avoid the NCIS talk for Tuesday since Canada is apparently getting it a day early.  (Whatever Canadians...).  I'm more looking forward to NCIS:LA anyway.

Yay Fall Season!!!!
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We get hot, shiny Nightwing butt again.  No more cape to cover up the best ass in the DCU.  Also he looks like he's in latex.  Well, when doesn't Dick look good in latex...ahem, you know what I mean.

In other Comic Book stuff, Marvel may have actually convinced me to dip my toe back into their side of the world again.  Not 100% sold, but I will say that their movies are making me long to at least go back and read some old school stuff like the X-Men and Thor.  I am weak for good comics.

In H50 related  stuff:

They're apparently doing a "Halloween Themed" episode this year.  Immediately all I could think of is that one of the finds a cursed idol, Steve wipes out on his surfboard and they all have to head off to a cave with Vincent Price to return the idol and get rid of the curse!

For those of you too young to get the reference above?  Go find the Hawaii eps of "The Brady Bunch".  Seriously.  They're awesome in a Scooby-Doo kind of way.


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