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I FUCKING HATE GIBBS' TIMELINE!!! Jack Harkness' timeline gives me less headaches. It at least makes some sense.


Feb. 27th, 2009 05:45 pm
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1) What the hell happened to [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily??? It looks like they got booted. What the hell?

2) I need NCIS help. More specifically Gibbs-related help. Anyone know which episode we find out that one of Gibbs' ex-wives lives in a hotel? Also, when do we find out that one of his ex-wives cheated on him while he was away? I was going to ask at one of the NCIS comms, but thought I'd try my all-knowing flist first. Ooo!!! Also, which ep is it that Ziva, Gibbs and I think Jenny are talking about how they'd sleep with a suspect to get intel? I'm starting to think my brain is mixing canon and fanon, but I'm 90% sure all of these things actually happened on the show.

3) I will be back with thinky thoughts etcetera, but I don't know that I trust my brain to produce words in a coherent manner at the moment. It kinda sucks big time given the number of emails and crap I'm having to do at work right now.
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For reasons that I won't go into, I had a very fuzzy viewing of tonight's episode. I'll do a more in depth post with thinky thoughts and such (especially about McGee and some of where I think this season is headed as a whole) once I get the chance to re-watch the episode (probably on Thursday). I will say that overall I thought it was decent and somewhat fun. Had some plot holes (as usual) but it didn't piss me off like some of the other episodes have. How sad is it when not feeling pissed off after an episode is an accomplishment?

Anyway, I had a couple of things that I needed to squee about and share for the moment:

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Feb. 5th, 2009 09:06 pm
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I made most these eons ago and I'm pretty sure that I posted them, but I wanted to repost them again.


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So I just finished re-watching "Chained".  I didn't realize that it's been so long since I'd watched it.  I'd also forgotten that it has what is probably my favorite McGee scene.  The one where he's telling off the under secretary or whatever her title was.

Tony was amazing in this episode.  We got to see the investigator side, the undercover side and even the goofy side all well balanced.  The whole relationship with Jeffrey by the end of the episode was just heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, this episode also highlights one of the things that bugs me about the show.  They have this amazing dramatic ending all set up and the suspense of whether Tony is still alive or not.  Then it's ruined by Gibbs flipant remark.  I'm not looking for Gibbs to get all gushy with him but I feel like there are so many dramatic moments with Tony that get downplayed by Gibbs having to knock him down a peg. 

Same thing with the final scene in "Missing" where Tony comes back, Gibbs tells him he's 'irreplaceable' and then turns it into a joke.

I know I'm harping on this whole thing recently but it's just so frustrating even watching the older moments and thinking about having to fanwank how Gibbs treats Tony a lot of the time.

*sigh* I'll get over it once I get to "SWAK" and "Frame Up". *g*
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I know you're probably getting bored with the NCIS chatter on my LJ these days. Tough. :D

I'm watching Season 1 right now from the beginning. I just finished "High Seas" aka "Gibbs ex-Boyfriend is Back and Tony is Jealous" and just started "Sub Rosa" aka "Let's Meet Probie".

I miss the ease that Gibbs used to relate to his team with. I mean, he's always been a bit of a hard ass, but he still joked around a lot more then. Now I feel like we get the occasional 'Elf Lord' reference and that's about it from him. Him and Tony razzing Kate about making her way through the carrier, then him and Kate winding Tony up with his jealousy about Stan. (Which, MAN if even the most casual slasher can't find a plot bunny out of that one they need to turn their ID card and goggles in.)

I want the Gibbs back who actually interacted with his team on cases rather than just barked orders at them.

I know that there are probably recent moments that I'm not thinking of because of the headspace I'm in about the show right now, but I really do miss the ease that they all seemed to relate with in the first season.


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