Nov. 5th, 2010 07:03 pm
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If anyone ever asks me why "Batgirl" is my favorite title? I'm pointing them here.  It's preview pics for Batgirl #15 showing the history of the Batclan as told by Steph.  My love for this comic keeps growing exponentially.  I see a lot of icons coming out of this. Especially the pic of Damian.  Heck, the whole thing makes me beyond gleeful!


Oct. 23rd, 2010 11:03 pm
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Having a great time at Disneyland for the weekend.  It turns out that I'm here at the same time as BlizzCon just like last year.  It's kind of weird being in a con hotel when I'm not actually at a con. :)

While I'm at Disneyland I'm trying to figure out elements for my Halloween costume.  I don't normally dress up, but my roommate is throwing a party so it seems the right thing.  What I have in mind at the moment is a Disney Princess "The Later Years".  Cigarette hanging out of the mouth, a high ball glass (or maybe martini glass) in hand, tattooed up.  I was thinking of wearing a wife beater tank and a robe and painting a tattoo on my chest that says "Beast" in it.  I'm trying to decide if I need a tiarra as well.  Not sure what else...

On the "MY EYES! MY EYES!" end of things.  There was this girl in one of the Disney gift shops whose pants were so low that when she knelt down to get something?  I COULD SEE HER ENTIRE NAKED ASS!!  I'm sorry, but that's really the point to start re-thinking one's wardrobe choices.


In other stuff, while I'm studiously procrastinating on class assignment for the week, I'm putting together an intro post for Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl.

I just re-read the current "Batgirl" run while sitting at work yesterday (it was a reeeallly slow day) and it is solidly in first place as my favorite book at the moment.  Stephanie is such a great example of how well a female character can be written as "kick-ass" without becoming the cliched "kick-ass".  Plus the supporting characters in the book are fairly awesome as well.

So, I'll be doing and intro post for that and then I'm thinking it'll be a "Red Robin" post.

In other words, be forewarned that I will be attempting to pimp folks into comic books. :) 
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So the annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles was today.  For the first time since I've been doing it we had rainy conditions.  Well, it was really a heave drizzle more than a rain.  I kind of liked it though.  Usually it's in the high 80s the day of the walk.  I am appropriately sore after the walk, but had lots of fun.  I raised $2,500 total and the walk raised $2.8 million.  Feeling rather awesome about both of those totals. :)  I have a gold tiara and other swag for my efforts.  Actually, I really like the fleece zip ups they did this year for the Star Walkers.  It was a welcome piece of clothing in the rain/drizzle.

Fannishly not much to talk about. I'm still watching Glee, but I'm rather 'meh' about it at the moment.  There's about a month to go before Human Target starts again.  I am looking forward to it, but not sure if there's anything fannish for me in the meantime.

In comics news, I'm saving my reviews of the "Bruce Wayne: The Road Home" one-shots until the final issue of "The Return of Bruce Wayne" mini comes out.  There were some dissatisfying things about the one-shots that I'm hoping are covered in the final issue of the mini.  Pretty much all surrounding Tim and how he was the one person who had faith the entire time about getting Bruce back.  I do think that it opens up some interesting avenues for Bruce's relationships with Dick, Tim and Damian.  I've never been a huge fan of Bruce, but I actually liked him a bit more in these. 

I will say that the "Batgirl" one-shot made me squee in a couple of parts.  I just love Steph more and more with every issue of whatever she's in.  This is the type of female character I'd love to see on TV.  Then again, Dick and Tim are the kind of male characters I'd like to see.

Umm...I think that's about it for the time being.  Get to work from home tomorrow (yay).  Next weekend is Disneyland (double-yay).

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So I was thinking about what TV shows for the new season are the "can't miss" for me. The answer? None. I'm actually pretty "meh" on most stuff. That includes my older shows like NCIS. I have the feeling I'll be doing a bit of hunting and choosing and then marathons if anything strikes my fancy.

In better news though, my comics world continues to be rocked. I have so much love for DC right now it's not even funny. That's not saying that they don't still have their problems, but the comics I'm reading right now are hitting that fannish spot for me so much more than any of the TV shows.


This has to be one of the the funnest books out there right now. Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) is a 19 year old college student who is a bit awkward during the day and runs around making bad puns and kicking bad guy's asses at night. She also has this awkwardly flirty relationship with one of Gotham's newest cops, Nick Gage.

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If TV writers want to see how to do a kick-ass girl, I think Steph is an awesome example. She's got that great balance of awkwardness and wanting to do right going for her. Plus how can you not love a comic that has scenes like this:

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Red Robin/Batman and Robin/Batman:

Even with the change in writers, Red Robin continues to be kinda great. I know that Marcus To's artwork is part of my love, but I think the bigger love comes from the interaction that we get to see between Tim Drake Wayne (Red Robin), Dick Grayson (current Batman, former Robin) and Damian Wayne (current Robin).

The relationship between these three is handled really well across all three of these bat-books. It's as much about the three of them trying to find their way in their new roles while Bruce is gone as it is about them fighting the bad guys.

Dick reminds me a lot of Tony DiNozzo during the whole Mexico fiasco. He's trying to be Batman while folks keep subtly reminding him that he's not *the* Batman. He's also trying to train up a new Robin (Damian) who is resentful of Tim's presence and trying to keep Damian and Tim from killing each other.

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There are other titles I'm reading right now as well and I'll get into talking specifically about them at some point, but I think the Bat-books are a prime example right now of what I love about comics and what I long for in a lot of my media. Sure I want the action, but that's really secondary to the smart and funny for me. Things that go "boom" will never outweigh snark with me.

*This* is how a sibling relationship should work.
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After that last post, I wanted to post something that made me a bit happier. So I'm going to share some fun bits of my current obsession. DC comics.

The first page is from "Batgirl" #4. No real context is needed. I just love the panel at the bottom. It made me think of the Batman/Commish Gordon slashers out there. :) The guy Gordon (he's the older one on the right) is talking to is a new detective in Gotham. I think his name is Nick. (Can't remember right now. I'm still reading through the "Batgirl" series.

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These next two are from "Red Robin" #9. They are squee making for me because I'm a Kon/Tim shipper (yes they're *slightly* under 18, but they're totally teen boys in love). I love Kon's comment about the chaps. For slight context, Superboy (Kon-El or Connor) has been dead for a year. It's comics, go with me here. He and Tim (Red Robin, formerly Robin) were/are best friends. Tim even tried to make a clone of Connor to get him back. This is the second time they've seen each other since Connor came back to life, but Tim was more than a bit emo the first time (a whole long complicated thing about Batman).

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