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Jul. 27th, 2009 05:43 pm
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Apparently if you want website hits? Post pics of David Tennant and/or John Barrowman. I've gotten over 10,000 (yes, that's the correct number of zeros) hits on the pictures from Comic Con since I posted them yesterday.


I actually do have more to post, I just need to go through them and maybe clean up the pics.
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So a rumor coming out of Torchsong is that JB will be at Comic Con again this year.  *squee*
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For a brief second or two I had considered purchasing a ticket to Torchsong in Chicago when they went on sale.  It's a con/concert with John Barrowman and assorted others scheduled for this weekend.  The $500 tickets seemed a bit prohibitive though and I decided not to go.  Sooooo glad now.  Apparently John has blown the ligaments in his ankle and can't travel this weekend and won't be attending.

I feel so bad for those who planned entire vacations around this and spent large amounts of money and now have to make the best of their weekend in Chicago. 

Before any rabid fangirls show up, this doesn't mean that I think that John hurt himself on purpose or that he's in any way to blame for the situation.  Doesn't mean that it doesn't suck for the people who spent the money and were looking forward to this.

No word yet on what the organizers are going to do.  I feel awful for them as well.  That's a whole load of crap they're going to have to deal with that had nothing to do with them.
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So apparently John Barrowman is doing a book presentation and signing in West Hollywood on July 23rd.

Why yes, that would be the same day that I'm going down to San Diego for Comic Con. *pout* He'll be like 2 miles from my house dammit!
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Dirk Diggler *and* John Barrowman? What more could a girl ask for?

As a side note, Mark Wahlberg is kind of awesome and they're showing 'Funky Bunch' clips. HEEEE
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Auntie Beeb is making crack canon!  Apparently in one of the ads for Series 2 of Torchwood, they did a mash up where it looks like Jack is talking on the phone to PETER PETRELLI!  Guh!  If those two shows ever actually crossed over?  There would be a fannish meltdown of MASSIVE proportions.  I mean Jack and Nathan!  In the same room??  Between the power of Jack's smile and Nathan's eyelashes...wow. 

I'm currently hunting to see if it's uploaded anywhere on the 'net.


Oct. 10th, 2007 01:31 pm
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The Webmaster of John Barrowman's site has just confirmed that John will be doing a guest spot for Hotel Babylon.  No word on the dates or particulars yet, but SQUEEEEEEEEEEE.  *crossing my fingers that it's while Max Beesley is still on the show*

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As a couple of folks on my previous post had pointed out, there's an additional pic of John in a fashion spread in "Out".

I'm including the two pages that has John's stuff. I'll try and go back later and do the full spread since there's a lot of other pretty, but my laptop and scanner are having a bit of a tiff at the moment. Either that or they've just burnt out due to the hotness of Barrowman.

Sooooo pretteh. )
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Yummy pictures of John (and one with Scott) at yesterday's TV Choice Awards.

Click on the pics for larger size.  Feel free to grab, but please don't hotlink.


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For those of you who may be new (or possibly a little slow *g*) I'm more than a bit obsessed with John Barrowman these days. I'm sure it will pass at some point. But, today is not that day.

I bring you more pics of John. These are from last night's Press Night for the West End production of Joseph.

Apparently many hot actors are cursed with a complete inability to dress themselves. Rob Morrow has his hats and sockless shoes. John Barrowman has his stripes. Always stripes.

Enjoy! (Behind a cut to save the flist and those on dial up.)

Read more... )
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So SciFi has another article about Torchwood and Captain Jack up here.  John Barrowman gives hints about his character and Season 2 (no talk of wanking in this one).  He also talks about when he and David Tennant read the Season 3 spoiler about his character.  *hee*
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I have now found my favorite quote about John Barrowman. 

There's an article in a Seattle newspaper here.  Didn't really see any spoilers, but reader beware and all that.

The article talks a lot about John's bad experiences trying to get roles here in the States because he's an openly gay actor.  (Which, I've read that now that his character is so popular on Who and Torchwood that he's being offered parts.  *sigh*)

Anyway, my favorite quote?   It doesn't matter than Barrowman looks like a cross between Chris Noth and a sane Tom Cruise.  Given my love for Chris Noth and my opinion that there isn't enough medication in the world for Tom Cruise, this quote speaks to me in so many ways...HEEEEEEEE!  I may need to do a journal name change.

Overall it's an awesome article though.  John even got to be bad boy John and didn't get bleeped!
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I suppose I'll cut this, though anyone on my f-list who has made it passed the subject has seen Season 1.

Question )


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