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So I finally got around to installing Sims 3 on my laptop.  For those of you who may not know, I've been a Sims fan since Sims 2.  It's the whole god complex thing.  I mean, I get to make pretty (of varying definitions of pretty) boys and girls and have them Woo Hoo their brains out and do interesting stuff.

So three guesses as to who the first two Sims were that I created?  Hint: One was dressed in a polo shirt and cargo pants, the other in dress pants, dress shirt and tie. :)

Steve and Danny so far (I'll hopefully share pics at some point, but I'm having issues saving them at the moment.):

Steve and Danny started as roommates.  They were both young adults, fresh out of high school.  Danny graduated from the local military boarding school and Steve from the local sports boarding school (the game selected these, but I found them quite amusing).  They hit it off right away.  Within the first couple of hours, Danny was giving Steve flowers.  By the end of their first night, they were um "sleeping" in the same bed. :)

They both got jobs.  Danny as a cop, Steve in the military.  The funny thing about Steve is, even though he's in the military I get pop-ups of the police offering him a chance to switch jobs almost every day.  I can't get over how perfect that is for him.

Danny is a family-oriented kinda guy, so to date they've adopted 3 kids.  Two girls, one boy.  When their daughter Lexie was a toddler, Danny liked to take her out around town in the stroller wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and socks.  Steve stayed at home reading trashy romance novels. :)

Spoilerish stuff for the Sims 3: Generations expansion. )

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So naturally some of the first mods for Sims 3 have to do with sex. One of them is for teens to be able to have sex with each other. Evidently, a happy by-product of this is that same sex couples can now become pregnant!

I have my first pregnant male Sim in Sims 3. Only problem is that I can't find any male maternity wear. When he starts showing he'll end up being this floating head through the pregnancy. Oh well.

Oh, no evil Sims yet, but the pregnant one is insane. He likes chatting with Leonard Kirk's ghost about conspiracy theories and talking gibberish. This could be interesting. :)

Sims 3

Jun. 17th, 2009 12:46 pm
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I'm not quite ready to start posting my Sims 3 yet.  I'm still experimenting with some stuff in the game.  I'll probably be starting a new game soonish (you can run multiple ones at the same time), but in the meantime...Here's a blog someone is doing about their homeless Sims.  It's really kind of great and thought provoking at the same time.

ETA: I will say that I've had my second Sim death of non-old-age.  She died of hunger.  The thing is she was fine and then it plummeted.  I'm thinking there might be a case of Sudden Pregnancy Death Syndrome in this game like there was in Sims 2.
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So I spent the weekend cleaning and helping a friend move...OW. Then most of the rest was spent Simming.  I'm onto my 3rd generation of Sims.  Apparently my Sims are genetically predisposed to having twins and girls.  I'm putting together a post that goes through the family timeline to date.  You can share in the crazieness that is the Kirk/McCoy legacy.

In other news, the new Captain America: Reborn is set to come out the week of Comic Con. Yeah, that's not going to add craziness around the Marvel booth.

I'll be going through old emails today and catching up on other stuff including updating the Bottom!Gibbs fic list.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far!


Jun. 6th, 2009 03:20 am
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So I've killed off my first Sim in Sims 3.  Totally unintentional too.  One of the guys was trying to make some dinner and set the kitchen on fire.  Apparently kids can die by fire in this version of the game.  Oh well.  She was kind of a pain anyway.

It's been ridiculously easy to get the female Sims knocked up.  Jim and Leonard have...well had 5 kids (sorry Kiley) and their two oldest daughters got pregnant within a day or two of becoming a young adult.  You know what I can't get them though?  In a stable relationship.  It's insanely hard to get them to actually commit to another Sim.  WooHoo, you betcha.  Commitment?  Not so much.  My town will soon become a haven for unwed mothers.  Not that this is a bad thing, but in the old game they *always* wanted to get married.

Oh, and I just found out that there are no alien butt babies in this game.  :(  This makes me very sad.  It was one of my favorite parts of Sims 2.
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Finally!  No screencaps yet, but I do have Jim and Leonard Kirk happily set up in their home.  There are a lot of similarities and differences in the new game.  The new way of setting up the personalities is much better.  It's a lot finer tuned than the old way.  You pick 5 personality traits (out of about 30 I think) and based on those traits it gives you a choice of 5 different lifetime wants.  When I set Jim up I debated on making him a man-whore, but decided that was too much trouble if I was going to pair him up with Bones anyway.  I decided to make him more family oriented and one of the lifetime wants selections was to become and astronaut. *g*  I set Bones personality up to compliment his and one of his lifetime wants was to become a world famous surgeon. 

I haven't really explored the neighborhood yet, but it does look cool so far.


Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:08 am
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I just Twittered the fact that I'm d/l my Sims 3 game while working from home today and my brother made a comment about little did he know when he gave me his stash of comics when I was 12 that I'd turn into a bigger geek than him. :)  This from the guy who decorated his son's nursery in artwork from the LOTR (books, not movie) and wrote his son's name in Elvish above the door.

BTW, getting ready to play for a bit!  Will post screencaps later.

ETA: Temporarily Thwarted.  I didn't check the OS version closely enough before I got the game.  I have to upgrade that before the game will work.  *sigh*
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Sims 3 comes out tomorrow.  I ordered the download which means I should be getting an email at 7 am local time with the link to d/l the game.  There is also a chance that I may have to work from home tomorrow to wait for the sprinkler guy.

This cannot end well.

*ponders the creation of Bones and Kirk Sims from the get go*


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