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So I'm going to a Halloween thing at Disneyland next month (they shut the park down to regular guests and do a party complete with Trick or Treating for the evening) with my boss and a friend from work.  I'm pondering dressing up for it, but for the life of me I can't figure out what to wear.  My costume from last year (Snow White Trash) won't really work for this.  I'm pondering getting a costume, but I don't want to spend a fortune on something I'll never wear again.

Any suggestions oh flist?  Keep in mind that it has to be "kid friendly" and I'm nowhere near a size 2 (or even 10).

In other news:  JUST OVER 24 HOURS UNTIL NEW HAWAII 5-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'd be excited just for the premiere but the fact that Terry O'Q is in it makes it even more exciting.  I'm planning on going Social Media dark at about 6:00 my time tomorrow night to avoid spoilery stuff.  It's not that I mind plot spoilers so much, I'd just rather watch it and be able to view it without having the opinions of others in my head yet.

Not sure how I'm going to avoid the NCIS talk for Tuesday since Canada is apparently getting it a day early.  (Whatever Canadians...).  I'm more looking forward to NCIS:LA anyway.

Yay Fall Season!!!!
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Hope all of you on the East Coast are safe and sound.  Sending good thoughts your way.

We're having mild weather here, but the barometric pressure keeps playing havoc with my sinuses.  Basically this translates to me feeling extremely blech!  So, I'm spending much of the day eating yogurt (for the icky tummy), knitting (a scarf for my mom for a cruise she's going on in a few weeks) and watching Doctor Who (yay!).

I've got about 44 minutes until the new ep of Who, but I love watching "A Good Man Goes to War" over and over again.  It reminds me of how awesomely awesome Rory is.  It also starts to hurt my brain again when I think about River's timeline.  So I don't think about it too much.  Though I do wonder if she and Captain Jack have met at some point.

Other than that, I'm waiting for "Dragon Age: Origins" to load on my PS3 and will probably spend a good chunk of the rest of the weekend gaming.  (Provided the icky tummy and sinuses co-operate.)  I think the purchase of the PS3 may be my doooom.  "Portal 2" is now on my list of things I MUST have and I'm having way too much fun playing "Assassins Creed 2".  Just wish there was a way to game and knit at the same time. :)

ETA: I'm also trying to figure out what comic books I'll be taking out to read in public tomorrow.  I'm also thinking of doing a photo of myself for this.  I think it's a great way to push against stereotypes both about comics and about what type of entertainment women enjoy.
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It's overcast here today which is absolutely wonderful. There's even a rumor of some wet stuff potentially falling from the sky this week. I'm told people in other places refer to it as rain. Such a lovely sounding word.

Spent Friday evening and a good chunk of Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] smutcutter and [livejournal.com profile] hippediva. Haven't seen them in ages and it was a great time.

Took some pics in the back yard. Still trying to play with the camera and get a feel for it. Need to take pictures more often.

All good things must come to an end and I had to head home. I did stay up and wait not-so patiently for [livejournal.com profile] xanthestories to post the first part of her new epic NCIS BDSM fic. YAAAAY! So worth the wait even for just a bit of tease (because she's evil like that). I won't spoil it for those who want to read, but there's a reason it made me grin so stupidly wide that I actually had to stop reading it at one point. BWEE!!!

Debating on how late I'll stay up tonight or if I'll try and get most of the reading done on the way to work tomorrow (I take the bus, so don't worry *g*).

Today I had yummy crab cakes and grits for brunch and am catching up on some cleaning, knitting and SG:A watching.

A very nice weekend indeed. How's everyone else doing?
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So I was all set to get up earlyish this morning and head to DLand for my birthday. I woke up to rain dumping down (in L.A. In June...WTF) and a subsequent power outage. 5 hours later, still no power.

I could have still gone to DLand (and still might) but I have a jacked up smoke detector in my room that's hardwired into the house. So when the power comes back on it shrieks like you wouldn't believe. My roommate can't get on the stepladder to reset it because of her broken foot. See my issue here?

I keep telling myself that at least I don't have bronchial pneumonia like last year and the year before.

I may also be taking this as a sign that since the movie theater still has power I should just go see you know what again.

I may also end up camped out at Starbucks for power and Internet access. (All hail the iPhone right now.)

ETA: We have power again.  I've decided to spend the b-day catching up on books that I haven't finished, watching ST:TOS (I just got Season 1 for my b-day...Yay) and playing Sims 3.

D-Land will have to wait for another time.

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I've had a cascade of things happen today to remind me that I'm turning 39 on Friday. (Including my mother sending me an email in large, bold font reminding me. Thanks ma.) The most recent was [livejournal.com profile] jesshelga Tweeting with a song from the 70's that I actually remember when it came out.

Rather than bemoan my upcoming age I've decided to celebrate the fact that I was alive for all but 5 months and 5 days of that decade.

To celebrate come and post your favorite song lyrics, TV show moments, pop culture references or even memories...though, those of you who are old enough to actually remember the 70s probably don't remember the 70s.

To start it off Suzi Quatro...I only wish I had the "Happy Days" version of this:

And more fun )


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