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This is being posted from my shiny new 15 inch MacBook Pro. She is pretty and kick-ass and I have decided to name her Kono. :D  (I don't have a Kono icon yet, but it will be one of the first things I make on the new shiny.)

Now I just have to wait for the Time Machine to finish restoring everything. Except my bookmarks which I can't seem to be able to transfer correctly.  I'd be done by now except the Firewire cable for my backup drive decided now was an excellent time to crap out.

Still, not a bad process overall.  Once again I am verrrrry happy with my shiny.
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My lappy Abby has a new friend. My old external hard drives "Jack" and "Ianto" have run out of room and I needed something big enough to back up everything on Abby. I went into the Apple store and talked to one of the guys there. I kind of floored him when I told him how much room my iTunes and media stuff take up. (I'm sitting around 140 gigs at the moment note even including all the Merlin eps).

I got a new 500 GB external with firewire connection. The firewire was a big selling point since my USB connections are already spoken for most of the time. Plus it's a better connection.

Anyway, since I'm retiring Jack and Ianto I needed to come up with a name for the new drive. It's now affectionately known as "Bo"...as in the Face of. I figured since it's a later incarnation of Jack and it's larger I thought the name would fit. Plus Abby would totally love playing with "Bo". :D

Now back to writing as the back ups and file transfers do their thing. I may have actual fic by the end of the weekend. If not, I'll at least have comment fics.


Mar. 7th, 2009 05:13 pm
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In laptop news, "Abby" is shiny and fun and way too easy to spend way too much time on.  I'm busily wandering around the net finding various d/l and stuff.

In NCIS rambling news there are some promo pics here for episode 6x19 (no major spoilers but it is a future ep so...y'know).  My point is that I can't seem to stop focusing on a certain part of MW in the 4th pic down.  Wrong.  So. Very. Wrong.


Mar. 6th, 2009 01:36 pm
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On an intellectual level I knew that Macs are different from PCs. I've used friends Macs on occasion no big. Problem is that I haven't regularly used one since...well let's just say there were floppy discs and something called System 7 involved.

Luckily I live two blocks from the Apple Store and they have classes on Saturdays for getting started with stuff. This is definitely going to take some change in thinking.

Also, I've settled on Abby for a name. As some wise folks pointed out, naming a piece of technology after Gibbs may not be the wise choice.

I'll figure something else out to call Jethro. Maybe a leather case for Tony. :D


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