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To catch folks up, I've been in the Northeast (CT and NY) for the past week for work. It's been a good trip all the way around with some minor hiccups (like the woman who brought her daughter that I mentioned in an earlier post).

We worked through Thursday morning and then headed down to NYC. I'm sad that my only trips to the city so far have been very brief ones tacked onto business travel. I have to say that the more I see of New York the more I like it. I also sort of want to do a marathon of L&O and CSI:NY to see if I can spot places that I've been. :)

The weather was AWESOME for us. We were worried about the humidity, but it stayed nice until today. The board here said it was 80 something %. Ick.

The two days we spent exploring were fun. We did the touristy stuff. Went to the top of Rockefeller Center, did a couple of bus tours (Uptown, Downtown and a night one that went to Brooklyn) and spent some time hanging out in Times Square.

We ate pretty awesome too since the company was footing that part. We had lunch at the Rock Center Cafe which overlooks the area where the ice rink is in the winter. I'd reccomend it if you ever win the lotto. It was almost $700 for 13 of us. And that was not including the alcohol. The food was amazing though. I had crab cakes that were made with risotto. I desperately want to try and make this at some point. Soooo good.

Yesterday a couple of us hit my favorite rice pudding place "Rice to Riches". It's right between Chinatown and Little Italy. They have all these different flavors of rice pudding. I had the caramel. It's hard to describe how good this stuff is.

Anyway, I have quite a few pics, though not as many as I would have expected from me. I still need to get most of them off of my camera, but here are a couple.

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I am sadly back at work today after spending an AMAZINGLY lovely weekend in Vancouver with [personal profile] tartary_lamb.

I'll be doing a pictorial about my weekend after I get home from work tonight. Sadly, the pictorial will also have a dark smudge on some of the pics. There's evidently a spot on the lense of my camera. This makes me not happy. I'm debating on whether it's worth having a place look at my 'okay' point and shoot. I'm considering just saving my pennies for an SLR instead. So irritated by this. I need a camera before Comic Con in July!!!!

A big 'thanks' to those of you who have shown your support for the LJ [profile] ncis_awards. I've had quite a few nominations come in for the Gen category over the past day and a half. I'll be spending a good chunk of tonight and tomorrow night contacting the authors. KEEP EM COMING!!
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So our IT department has the balls to ask people to come in for meetings during everyone's vacation time (we're shut down for two weeks) because they didn't want to admit they're behind. It's turned into a whole pissing match with the upper folks. UGH!

Also? I've been half-watching the NCIS Marathon that's on USA right now and I'm getting retroactively pissed at the early episodes from last season. There are some shows that I can watch later on after the fannish furor has died down and I enjoy them a bit more. These episodes are not amongst those. The way Tony got treated and what a huge ass Gibbs was in various parts...GAH!

Someone had done a post to Fandom!Secrets awhile back about how they dislike Gibbs as a character because he's never wrong. I think it's less that he's never wrong and more that he never has to admit it. It irritates me too sometimes. I get the same annoyance from Mac from CSI:NY every once in awhile too.

Anyway. Waiting out another 15 minutes and then I get to go clean and pack. I want booze.
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So I think I finally found a work BFF.  Well two really.  I've been at my current place of employment for about 2 1/2 years.  I'm mostly friendly with the folks I work with, but folks in this line of work tend to be more on the conservative side of the spectrum.  I'm the chick with the tattoos for a lot of them.

Anyway, I started working on a company-wide consolidation project a few months back. (This is the project that is eating my life and sucking my time and will to live by the time I get home at night because of the intensity and the hours.)  The business had requested me specifically for this project which is flattering.  Especially given that the two women who requested me have a bit of a reputation with others in the company as being extremely demanding. (Read: They're called bitches because they actually expect to get what they request from our IT department.)

The Director who is directly involved in my project and I have completely hit it off and she's totally someone I would hang out with if I'd met her outside of work.  I've missed that since I've been here.  As an added bonus, she has the most fabulous assistant in the history of assistants.  He's the nicest guy you ever want to meet and he likes to ponder things like "Who's hotter?  John Barrowman or Gareth David-Lloyd."  Apparently it's a discussion he and his partner get into quite often.  (For the record Jeff (the assistant) is more of a Gareth fan. :D)  We actually squeed a bit when we discovered today that we were both fans of Torchwood.  He hasn't seen the second season yet, so I get the happy task of providing it for him.  OH! And he also just bought Sims 2 so I'm talking him through all the cheats and download websites.  Yay fun.

In other 'Yay' news, I ordered myself a new cell phone today.  Mine had become posessed with the spirit of Robbie Williams.  Seriously!  It would start playing my Robbie Williams ringtones (and only the Robbie Williams ones) even whent the phone was on vibrate and there was no call coming in.  The only way to get it to stop was to shut the phone down each time.  I even had an incident where I tried to call into a work meeting and all I could hear as the call was trying to connect was "Let Me Entertain You".  Weird.

So, I will very shortly be the new posessor of a lovely pink phone that has all sorts of bells and whistles.  It even has a feature that will act as a pedometer to tell you how far you've walked and how many steps you've taken.  It will also work when I'm in the UK and power up through my laptop so that I don't need a voltage converter (a concern with my current phone).

Which brings me to my final 'Yay' of the post:



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