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So I was planning on just throwing up a few pics of my trip to Toronto, but have to mention the shooting since folks have been asking and my phone is blowing up right now with texts.

A couple hours ago there was a shooting at the food court of the Eaton Centre mall which is about 6 to 8 blocks down from my hotel. Thankfully when I'd finished up sightseeing, I decided at the last minute to head back to the hotel instead of going into the mall like I'd originally planned on. I'm now holed up in the hotel for the night. They're saying 8 victims, one fatality and they still haven't caught the gunman. YIKES!! So yay for instincts or lack of wanting to socialize or whatever. (Also, a thunderstorm just moved in. Really Canada??)

Anyway, on to the pics. I'll put a couple up here and then just give you guys a link to my Flickr album since I'll be updating it throughout the rest of the trip.

CN Tower which I went up to the top of. It was AWESOME. A chunk of the pics I've put up so far are the view from the tower. There's also a glass floor on one of the levels you can walk on. I love heights but it even made me swoon a bit.

My Suits peeps will get why this is fun. :) I want to be clear that there were no signs that said we couldn't go into this part of the parking lot. A guy with a grumpy face seemed to disagree.

This one is just me screwing around with the color levels when I was working with the RAW file for the photo.

Downtown skyscraper
One of the skyscrapers I took a pic of on Wednesday. The sky was perfect for getting shots of all the glass buildings.

Here's the link for the Set on Flickr. I'll be adding lots more as I work through them and as I take more. (As a side note: I really need to figure out a better workflow for my pictures, especially now that I'm working with RAW files. I feel like I have a billion files everywhere and it makes it a pain to find them later and takes up a lot of room on the laptop. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE share.)


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