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So let's just head straight to the cut for all the feelings here:

So let's start with the stuff that I totally could have done without...Mike and Rachel.  Here's my issue.  It's not even the "relationship" per se, it's the fact that they didn't have a single discussion between them that didn't involve their FEELINGS or wanting to hook up, and Rachel didn't have any conversations with anyone else that weren't about wanting to be with Mike.  Until the writers are willing to develop Rachel as an actual character with her own agency, I can really live without the high school mooning.  

Mike...I'm going to hold off on my full feelings about him until I do the rewatch in an hour and a half, but LORD this child needs to grow up. Even if he didn't know the full scope of the Civil War coming between Jessica and Hardman, he should have known enough by Harvey's reactions in the previous ep to know not to talk about how AWESOME the guy was.  And when Harvey asked him about where his loyalties would lie?  The fact that he even hesitated, much less make an offhand remark about going against Jessica made me want to headsmack him.

Then there's the Harvey/Jessica rift.  Though I can't really put this in the "dislike" category because I love me some angst and it was done really well, it still crushed my heart.  The look on Harvey's face said that he'd never even considered that he was betraying Jessica with choosing to side with Mike rather than cutting him loose.  He could just never fathom giving up Mike.

The awesome stuff...Harvey being awesome. Harvey having "a thing" with a guy...er...couple of guys in Real Estate. Harvey in a tux.  Harvey's apartment!!!  Mike in Harvey's Apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna telling Mike exactly what Harvey was willing to risk for him.  I know Mike is upset and I get it, but the fact that he keeps stomping on Harvey's feelings (even inadvertently) is just killing me.

Donna...I want to hold her and then hang out and have lots of drinks with her. 

Essentially I'm going to be a big ol sobbing mess by the end of this season. I just know it.


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