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Putting all my thoughts behind a cut.  Spoilers ahead...


I had some pretty high expectations for this episode with all the build up and the promos, etc...  It SURPASSED every single one of them.  The only complaint I had was that it wasn't longer.

We have Mike and Harvey being awesome boyfriends.  We have Jessica being THE HBIC.  And we have Donna who is Queen of all.

I need time before I do a coherent rundown (still making dolphin noises), but the basics are:
- Jessica knows Mike is a fake, tells Harvey to fire him. 
- Harvey gets emotional and can't fire his boyfriend.  He makes a joke about the two of them running off to Buenos Aries together (SERIOUSLY!!).  - The Hardman of Pearson Hardman is back in the picture.  He did bad things back in the day and Harvey and Jessica forced him out. 
- Harvey uses that as leverage to get Jessica to let Mike stay.
- Harvey makes a "Highlander" reference at a funeral and Twitter squees.
- Harvey gets out "Harvey'd" by Hardman.
- Jessica tells Harvey to fire Mike again.
- Harvey tells her that she'll have to fire him too because he won't stay without Mike. (Subtitle of this ep should be "Harvey Loves Mike")
- Jessica challenges Mike to go head to head with her about the law and she's a BAMF. (Loved her in this episode)

We also see Mike starting to take a bit of a darker turn personality-wise.  Nothing over the top, but you see him starting to do some Harvey-like things that he wouldn't have done in Season 1.  I'm actually okay with this.  With the caveat that they don't screw with the Harvey/Mike dynamic in the process.  There's definitely going to be a theme of choosing sides coming in this season.  I'm interested to see where it goes.

And they all looked gorgeous.  And HARVEY LOVES MIKE!!!!


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