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So I'm really enjoying re-watching "Suits" with the folks in the UK (I may also be re-watchign eps on my own as well).  I'm noticing little things I missed the first time.  Not surprising since [personal profile] crimsonquills [livejournal.com profile] tartary_lamb [personal profile] barometry and I did the whole season in almost one big gulp.  We watched the first 7 or so eps on New Years Eve.  Every time an episode would end, we'd all look around at each other to see if we should keep going. The answer kept being "Yes" until around 3 am.  We finished off the rest of the episodes once we were all up and mostly awake on New Years Day.  This, my friends, is the awesomeness of fandom.

Anyway, now that I'm re-watching and reading some fic, I actually had a dream with Harvey in it the other night.  I rarely dream about fannish stuff, so it was a lovely surprise. :D

Also in fannish stuff, I LOVED this week's "White Collar".  No spoilers from me, but it was fun and funny!  Afterwards I ended up reading a Harvey Specter/Neal Caffrey fic and GUH!! There need to be more cross-over fics with these shows!!!  Though I can see Harvey thinking that Neal might be a bad influence on Mike. :)

I keep thinking I need to go and hunt down new fannish icons for Suits and Downton Abbey, but I kind of want to make some myself first.  That may end up being my weekend project. 

H50 casting/character news that I will put behind a cut So based on an interview/podcast Lenkov just did, it looks like James Caan will NOT be playing Danno's father.  I'm more than a little bummed by this.  I was hoping for some Danny/family time.  We don't know who the character will be, but apparently it was one that James Caan had pitched to Lenkov himself.  Somehow Danny's relationship with Rachel plays a role as well.  I'm kind of with the speculation that he may end up as a family member of Stan's.  Yeah.  I'm also irritated because it completely Josses my 3/4 finished ficlet in a way that bugs me to no end.


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