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Now that the giddy has worn off, I thought I'd post some slightly thinkier thoughts about the ep.

My giddy is down to a dull roar and I have some thinky type thoughts.
So I have to wonder if Mike will find out (from Jessica or elsewhere) just how much Harvey was willing to put on the line for him. Sure it was part of a maneuver to put Jessica into a position where she’d have to say “yes”, but this is Jessica. Harvey knows damn well she could have let him walk.
As much as Mike says he doesn’t buy into Harvey’s “No emotions” exterior, his insecurities lead him to believe the worst in Harvey when it comes to taking care of Mike. I’m sure that comes from Mike only having Grammy around as someone he could trust before this, but you’d think that after a year he’d be less inclined to jump to the place where Harvey is screwing him over.
Jessica…Can we talk about how awesome she was this episode?? Good lord my love for Gina Torres is off the charts at this point. One thing with her, Dibbs on Tibbs and I both came up with the same theory at the end of the episode that she has an eidetic memory like Mike. There was something about the way she completely understood what Mike went through in school and then the way she closed the laptop at the end. It’d be interesting if that was the case.
The other thing that struck me with her was at the funeral when she told Harvey that he and Hardman were cut from the same cloth. She said it once and then after Harvey told her he wanted to make a deal to keep Mike around, she reiterated it. The fanficcy place in my head went to Hardman’s affair being with one of the Junior Partners or associates while he was there and Jessica drawing a parallel with Harvey and Mike. Even without the slashy stuff though, I could almost see that. I mean, look how hard Harvey is willing to fight for this “kid”. It’s more than just not wanting extra work.
So yes. Our lesson for the day is that Harvey Specter is hopelessly in love with his sometimes oblivious associate. :)


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