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So I'm in Toronto. YAY!  It's been an incredibly long day with an incredibly long week leading up to it.  I'm heading off to bed soon (after watching a special on the Queen's Jubilee).

Can't wait to go off exploring tomorrow.  Planning on doing one of the hop on hop off tour buses and getting my bearings.  Not sure what I was expecting when I got to Toronto, but it's definitely a good stand in for mid-town Manhattan.  VERY compact and dense from what I've seen so far.

I'm also going to hit up Eaton Centre tomorrow.  There was no way that I was going to be this close to a giant shopping mall and not visit it. :)  I really want to go to the Lush store though.  I have a tub here at the hotel and plan on taking as many baths as possible while here. I'll share lots of pictures I'm sure.  (Of the sights, not including the baths.)

The rest of the week is more sightseeing, museums and some Suits stalking with a couple of fans who live here. :)  Next week I'll be hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] slb44 and having lots of fun.  We'll be hanging out in her neck of the woods and going to Niagara Falls and plays and other such stuff.

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Toronto! As it turns out, I will be up around the end of June. I think I recommended before that you try to see the Royal Ontario Museum while you're there, but I'm very keen to see you photos of other sights -- there's lots to see in Toronto that I never have!

I really liked the yarn store Lettuce Knits, if you have the chance, and the one time I as at The Purple Purl I'm pretty sure I saw Amy Singer, editor of knitty (!). There's always knitting-based tourism!


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