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So I'd been looking around the net to see if anyone had done a character bio for Harvey for reference. I haven't been able to find one, so with some encouragement I've decided to start to put one together. I'd love any feedback, additional facts, places where folks think I've gotten things wrong.

I'm including canon facts (with the episodes) and then a section on my own fanon stuff. :)

Character: Harvey Specter
Age: No canon citation yet. We know he's 10 years older than Mike (Errors and Omissions). Based on this and his time working it would ballpark him between 35 and 38.
Family: Has/had at least one brother. (Tricks of the Trade)

Was a baseball pitcher in high school. Missed the state championships due to bad shoulder. (Undefeated)
Started in mail room at Pearson Hardman. (Pilot)
Worked at Pearson Hardman for uknown time. (Pilot)
Attended Harvard (Jessica paid). (Pilot)
Graduated 5th (Play the Man)
Worked as NY County ADA 2 years (Rules of the Game)
Handled 36 cases/day during this time.
Won all 147 that went to trial


Cameron Dennis - NY County DA. Was Harvey's mentor while Harvey worked in his office. He falsified and/or hid evidence in order to win cases. Harvey left the DA's office when he found out. No longer on good terms, but Harvey was reluctant to betray him.(Dog Fight.)

Donna - Has known Harvey for at least 12 years. (DA's office and Pearson Hardman combined) Is completely loyal to Harvey, but also willing to give him shit when necessary. Possibly knows Harvey better than anyone we've met. She took evidence against Cameron Dennis when she left the DA's office in order to protect Harvey.

Jessica - When she met Harvey he was a "screw up". She got him a job in the mail room, led him up the ranks and paid for him to go to Harvard. She respects Harvey's abilities, but would clearly like to see him be less of a loose cannon. While she is also a mentor to Harvey, there are aspects of their personal lives that they don't share with each other.

Mike - Mike respects and is clearly in awe of Harvey, but he's not afraid to stand up to him. Mike also gets to witness Harvey's "emotions" more than most. Even though Harvey denies having them. Harvey mentors Mike though he claims to be reluctant to do so. He want to make sure Mike "gets it".

Personality/Quirks/Traits: (I'll be adding some quotes and stuff in here as examples)

Loves jazz and blues
Hates skinny ties
Wears tailored suits
Claims he is against having emotions but all for using them
Extremely loyal to those he feels deserve it. Expects the same in return.
Smart and clever at legal skills. Has a bit of tough guy in him.
Can quote movies and TV. A Trek fan.
Jerked off entire time at Harvard.
Doesn't date married women.

So personal fanon stuff...

Harvey had at least one addict in his life. Either an alcoholic or a drug addict. This comes from his strong reactions and speeches to Mike about Trevor and addiction. I think he was hurt by the addict (possibly his brother) and that's why he wants Mike to completely break off with Trevor. Doesn't want him dragged down that road.

He grew up with little money. He's got a lot of street in him. I think he was responsible for his brother from a young age. Possible absentee parents.

He doesn't like the idea of being a mentor. I think this comes more from how badly Cameron let him down in that role than it does with him not wanting to show someone the ropes.


So this is it for the moment. I'll be adding more, but I'd love some thoughts.


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