Mar. 23rd, 2012


Mar. 23rd, 2012 09:50 pm
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So I'm on the tail end of 4 days of flu (the head, cough and achy kind).  Have felt like complete and utter CRAP the whole time.  Finally better today.  Which is a very good thing because I had plans to go see "Hunger Games" with my boss and friends and I was the one who bought the tickets online.

I really liked the movie.  The places where it suffered slightly were really due to having to cram that much story into just under 3 hours.  I was impressed with how they handled a lot of the background narrative without having to do an exposition dump.  Won't say anything beyond that...oh and my one friend with us who hadn't read the books said that she is now emotionally scarred for life.  We were quite proud of ourselves. 

For the rest of my weekend, I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and on Sunday I'm taking a mini-Photography class to learn how to play with my brand new camera. :D  Oh, did I mention that on Monday (right before the plague from hell hit) I bought a new Canon EOS T3?  The local camera store was having a "no sales tax" sale and there was a rebate on the camera with the kit lens and another rebate on a zoom lens.  So, I now have new shiny! 

Since I paid for my flight to Toronto in May at the same time, I'm now on a spending restriction.  Though I did remember that I should be receiving my federal tax refund in a week or so, and that should cover the camera and most of the airfare as well (and wasn't already counted toward anything else).  YAY.

Speaking of Toronto, the Suits cast are all heading back to start filming next week!  They're already starting to toll each other on Twitter.  Should be fun!  Can't wait for the pictures to start showing up.


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