Mar. 16th, 2012

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Doing another countdown to squee.  Not because things are bad, jut because there should always be squee. :) (Although I do have the hiccups at the moment and that could use some Squee.

1) Suits started re-airing Season 1 last night so for the first time I have Harvey and Mike on my TV screen and not just my computer.  It also means that tonight they're showing "Errors and Omissions" which has adorable Stoned Puppy!Mike and "Good Boy".  :)

2) In one week I will be at the movie theater watching "Hunger Games".  My boss and I are ditching work early with a couple of friends to go see it.  We're all fans of the book and SO excited!!!

3) In two weeks I'll be in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con.  I'm excited about hanging with friends and I'm excited because I finally get a chance to get a commission from Marcus To who is one of my favorite comic artists.  I'm still having trouble deciding what to ask for.  I'd kind of like one from him and one from Dustin Nguyen (another favorite) but I have they feeling they're both going to book up pretty fast.  I'm kind of thinking a Steph!Batgirl from one and a Kara!Supergirl from the other.

4) The day after I get back, the 1940 US Census is released to the public.  I know there's a look of puzzlement on many folks faces, but this is HUGE for a genealogy geek.  It has the potential to help fill in several gaps in my family tree.  (My understanding is that it takes approx. 72 years to release the census because, in theory, by that time any of the personally identifiable data will become obsolete.)

5) May 1 Suits Season 1 DVDs will be released. My joy for this knows no bounds.

6) May 4 AVENGERS!!!  I was originally planning to go to Vancouver for the release, but with all the other travel plans coming up, I'm not sure that's going to happen.  Hopefully I can find some L.A. fangirls to geek with!

7) Tentatively, May 29 through June 7th is Toronto!!  I'm still not 100% sure on the dates or the length of stay, but that's looking the most likely.  My birthday is tucked in there somewhere too. :)

8) June 14, SUITS SEASON 2!!!!!!!

9) August (can't remember exact dates) looks like I'll be doing a few days in Catalina with my mom.  Haven't been to Catalina in years and am looking forward to it.

10) ??????


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