Jan. 19th, 2012

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I'm at LACMA right now at a live read of Shampoo directed by Jason Reitman.  I have an extra ticket for a screening of Rampart here tomorrow night. I know it's short notice but it should be fun! 

Yay arms!

Jan. 19th, 2012 10:48 pm
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Had a great evening tonight.  Went to LACMA tonight with my roommate.  We went to watch a live read of "Shampoo" directed by Jason Reitman.  Reitman has been doing a whole series of these for LACMA and I'd definitely love to go again.

Bradley Cooper played George (the Warren Beatty character in the movie) and Olivia Wilde played Jackie (Julie Christie's character).  Cooper was fine, I was actually more impressed with Olivia Wilde than I thought I would be. 

Kate Hudson of course played Jill the character her mom (if you don't know who that is, you're too young to be reading my LJ) played in the movie and JK Simmons (who I always LOVE) was Lester Karpf (Jack Warden's character).

The total rock stars of the night though were Diane Lane (Felicia), Patton Oswalt (Norman and a few other characters) and Nick Kroll (Pope and other characters).  Patton Oswalt was just fabulous and did some great voices.  I'm pretty sure one of them was Bates from Downton Abbey.  Just when I thought my little fangirl heart couldn't get any bigger for him.

Diane Lane is beyond STUNNING.  The woman doesn't age.  Josh Brolin was in the audience and he was looking pretty damn good himself.

As soon as the reading was over Patton Oswalt scooted right out the door.  Turned out he had to go down the street to do a Q&A with Harlan Ellison.  Did I mention my fangirling of him???

I love my neighborhood!


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